URGENT: Military Officials Confirm Obama is Sabotaging the Fight Against the “Islamic State”

The war against the Islamic State could be one of the most important wars America will fight, as there’s not much doubt about their intentions to eventually carry out attacks against Americans and other Western countries on their own soil. With that being known, especially and obviously to the Obama administration – why are they making it so difficult for U.S. military leaders to fight the Islamic State? (H/T TheDailyBeast)
According to a growing number of U.S. military leaders, the White House is making sure that the commanders conducting the air campaigns against the Islamic State and other top brass who are attempting to train Syrian rebels are being kept within ridiculously tight constraints by micromanagement tactics from the National Security Council, led by Susan Rice. According to multiple reports, the NSC and the White House are doing more harm than good by their lack of ability to make what should be easy, straight-forward decisions – essentially crippling military leaders’ ability to be successful in fighting Islamic State terrorists on the ground.
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The White House also refuses to work with a key force on the ground in Syria – the moderate rebels who know and understand the enemy better than anyone else. Obama has insisted that military leaders train a new army that will be needed to help end the war, but is refusing to work with the moderate rebels on the ground cripples the U.S. military commanders from making that happen.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is also not happy about Obama’s unwillingness to give the U.S. military the help needed to effectively train a new rebel army using existing assets already in country. He recently penned a memo to Susan Rice, warning her that Obama’s strategy was nothing short of unclear with respect to Assad, which undermines the entire U.S. military operation in Syria.
Top military leaders, including those in charge of CENTCOM, SOCOM and even the Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, are also frustrated with the lack of direction in Syria.

If the United States is to make a dent in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria, the Obama White House needs to send a clear signal to our military leaders that it’s ok for them to do the job they were trained for.
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