Still in shock........
I still can't believe they had this in the editorial section of the paper.
(they lean somewhat to the left). ... 412790.htm

The call goes out for citizens to protect our borders

To Citizens of the Republic of the United States of America:

I invite you to join me in Tombstone, Ariz., from April 1 to April 30, 2005, to assist the U.S. Department of Homeland Security by observing and reporting illegal activity on and around the southern border of the United States.

The purpose of this political assembly in Arizona is to protest the refusal of the Congress and the President to protect our borders from illegal immigrants who have not had criminal background checks by, and through, the U.S. Embassy in their home country, thereby creating an imminent danger to all Americans, and creating the dilution of U.S. citizens' voting rights by foreign nationals.

Chris Simcox of Civil Homeland Defense, and the publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper in Tombstone, Ariz., has helped protect our borders for four years with only a handful of patriotic volunteers. It is time we provided him with support.

This is strictly a volunteer project. No financial subsidies are available. And you will probably need a tent, sleeping bag, hiking gear, etc. You are responsible for all costs associated with your participation.

Our policy of passive activity will be to observe with the aid of binoculars, telescopes, and/or night-vision scopes, and inform the U.S. Border Patrol of the location of illegal activity so that border patrol agents can investigate. We will not be confrontational with anyone. Each volunteer will be solely accountable for his or her actions and will be required to complete and sign a "hold harmless" waiver before participating in field activities. The tentative area of observation will be a 20-mile stretch of lowlands across the San Pedro Valley in southeast Arizona.

I hope to bring serious media and political attention to this event. It will tune the American people into the shameful fact that 21st-century minutemen/women have to help secure U.S. borders because the U.S. government refuses to provide our dutiful U.S. Border Patrol and Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement... with the manpower and funding required to do so... .

The Minuteman Project welcomes participants regardless of gender, race, color, creed, age, or physical disability. An enthusiastic invitation is extended to current and former members of any law enforcement organization, or military veterans with long-range reconnaissance patrol or intelligence gathering experience... .

Bring your state flag!


An American Without A Country

James W. Gilchrist