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    MOBILIZE TO ALL Radio & T.V. Personalities: HOW

    Hey --

    Are there any plans to PHONE IN and EMAIL and FAX all your (depending on where you are from) radio/tv personalities so they can get their listeners on board and calling the switchboards and such?

    I think part of the issue is that many americans are complacent and assume the politicians will work in their best interests.

    Is there a course of action to bombard them, the radio/tv people, with this information to get them on the horn and start the rally cry for Monday after thanksgiving..

    ie, - losangees - john/ken, larry elder, rush, conway etc..

    what about your areas???


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    A lot of them may already be Numbers USA participants. Otherwise relying upon people who call in. But you are right they need to start speaking up about the latest DREAM Act strategy.
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    A lot of us have been sending massive amounts of email to the big dogs
    Beck, Hannity , O'Reilly , Rush , etc,

    Timing isn't right for me because of work , but we also need to hit the call in shows if you can get through.

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