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Thread: MSNBC Guest Insinuates Trey Gowdy Won’t Conduct ‘Transparent’ Russia Probe Read more

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    MSNBC Guest Insinuates Trey Gowdy Won’t Conduct ‘Transparent’ Russia Probe Read more

    MSNBC Guest Insinuates Trey Gowdy Won’t Conduct ‘Transparent’ Russia Probe [VIDEO]

    10:40 AM 04/06/2017

    While discussing House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’ recusal from the Russia probe on MSNBC Thursday, Zerlina Maxwell cast doubt over Trey Gowdy’s ability to conduct the investigation in a “completely transparent,” bipartisan fashion.

    Gowdy, along with Mike Conaway and Thomas Rooney, were announced Thursday morning as the three committee members now heading the probe, to which guest Kristin Tate said she was “happy to hear.”


    “The Benghazi guy,” Maxwell, who previously served as Hillary Clinton’s director of progressive media, incredulously responded to Tate. “The Benghazi guy is taking over, so that’s not necessarily something that Democrats will appreciate that much.”

    “I think it’s important that [Nunes] is stepping aside because we need a bipartisan, completely transparent investigation into what happened because it’s not really a partisan issue,” she continued. “The fact that a foreign government interfered in our election should matter to Republicans and Democrats.”

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    You want my opinion? We need the truth. We need to see the evidence that led to the investigation to begin with because there is nothing that's been reported in the press that was worthy of a Trump-Russia investigation and there won't be. None of Trump's people are traitors, they're Patriots.

    Trump wasn't interested in John Podesta's emails hacked from the DNC, he wanted Hillary's 33,000 emails that were on her server while she was Secretary of State, which she claims she deleted.
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    Well, I think (hope anyway)Trey Gowdy will be his usual tough and smart self.

    This is a silly waste of time - but if the President would simply tell them to 'bring it on' and that we are going to investigate
    ALL politicians and their dealings with Russia - including the Clintons and their 'foundation', we might get some information.

    Also, they should broaden it into investigating ANY foreign government who sought to influence the election. That list would be endless - including Mexico, Israel, China and on and on and on.

    Then, maybe, we could move on to the ways we have influenced and manipulated elections in other nations - ALL the ways.

    I will have to admit though, it seems the Benghazi hearings, the IRS hearings, and all the others that I have watched Gowdy question, I don't know if any indictments were brought or anyone prosecuted in any way.

    Shouldn't these hearings be conducted with the understanding if anything is found, DOJ will file charges?

    Otherwise, it is just a good avenue for congresscritters to get face time on the TV and appear in a good light to their constituents.
    Although, I'm pretty sure I'm a fan of Trey Gowdy's. If for no other reason than he made so many of Obama's people look like the simpletons they were. Of course, it's possible, a 5 year old could have done that - but it was fun anyway;.

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    Trey & Jeff Sessions have had many apropro for the times statements w/o much ado unfortunately. trey on refugees EO unenforced..

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