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Truth Revolt - OCTOBER 29, 2016

Jacob Rascon was reporting for MSNBC this week from Charlotte, North Carolina and saw an opportunity to interview three black Donald Trump supporters to find out why they’re voting that way. But because their response didn’t fit the narrative his, and other networks perpetuate, the interview was cut short in the nick of time.

A father, mother (Gloria), and daughter (Trina) were approached by Rascon and asked their thoughts on Trump’s inner-city policies that have been panned by critics.

“Well, I think that Trump is reaching out to all citizens including African-Americans,” Trina said. “That’s what a president should do for us. He should reach out and try to help people and address problems that are going on in our country.”

Rascon’s baiting queries continued: “Some of the criticisms have been about ‘what do you have to lose.’ What do you think about that criticism?”

Gloria stepped up to the plate and swung hard:

“My word to all black Americans, one thing I would like to say: let’s not be deceived. Look at the record. Look at the promises that have been made over the past from the Democratic Party.

“We’re not voting for a party. We’re voting for a man who has been standing by all citizens. He loves America. That’s what I love about him. He loves America. We need somebody that loves America.”

But Gloria wasn’t through, and she took a bit out of the media:

“And he also loves all people — all people. And there’s that deception out there that he has no black supporters. Wrong! He does.”

And on that note, Rascon had had enough and abruptly ended the interview, just like his cohort did earlier this year when she cut the feed to a black Trump supporter who condemned the media’s constant race baiting:

Here’s another video that’s made the rounds this election cycle showing a CNN reporter put in his place by a black Trump supporter that is sick and tired of the media painting the Republican candidate as a white supremacist. The theme of how the Democratic Party has kept blacks on the plantation makes another appearance here, as well:

Watch As @CNN Reporter Is Annihilated
Thank God For The Spirit of Patriots!
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2:47 PM - 27 Oct 2016

America is finally waking up from its long slumber.