There has been a trend since the early 1990's to force multi-culturalism on the USA. Everything that has made this a great country has been attacked. Students are now taught that Christopher Columbus was just someone who brought disease to this continent. Benjamin Franklin was not one of the most gifted patriots that this country has known but the History channel teaches us he was a womanizer. Most college students cannot find there homestate on a map, they couldn't tell you who the Vice-President or Secretary of State is, and they couldn't tell you why World War II was fought. Why? Because the Pride has been taken from us. there is no pride in America anymore. We worry about what France thinks of us. We are so worried that we may offend someone. President Bush has really ticked me off lately but if I heard someone from another country attacking him then I will defend the President simply because he is an American. I got off what I was originally posting about with Multi-Culturalism but this is what it really leads to. China is now a Superpower. they are no longer the backward country that they have been for centuries. Why? Because they made it law that only one language is to be spoken. I guess they took note from the Bible when the people were building the Tower of Babel. God stopped that project by simply slipping in a little Multi-Culturalism.