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    Musk: 2024 election will be the LAST ELECTION decided by U.S. citizens because of unr

    Musk: 2024 election will be the LAST ELECTION decided by U.S. citizens because of unrestrained illegal immigration

    05/19/2024 // Ramon Tomey // 1.6K Views

    Tags: 2024 election, big government, border security, citizenship, citizenship question, congressional seats, conspiracy, elections, Electoral College, electoral votes, Elon Musk, elon musk watch, Equal Representation Act, fake polls, House of Representatives, Illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, immigrants, invasion usa, Joe Biden, migrants, national security, Open Borders, redistricting, rigged, Trump, US Census, US Congress, vote fraud, White House

    Elon Musk, owner of electric vehicle maker Tesla and the X social platform, has warned that the November 2024 election would be the last election "actually decided by U.S. citizens."He issued this warning as a response to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voting to add a citizenship question to the ten-year U.S. census via the Equal Representation Act (ERA). The lower chamber voted 206-202 on May 8 to pass this proposal. But according to the New York Post, the ERA is expected to be dead on arrival in the Democratic-controlled Senate.
    "Including the count of non-U.S. citizens in determining how many congressional seats and [Electoral College] votes each state has is skewing the representation of Americans in their federal government," Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-IL) said in a statement. The congressman for the Prairie State introduced the ERA in January, attaching well over 100 co-sponsors.
    House Democrats opposed the ERA and voted along party lines against it, and the Biden administration also expressed disagreement with the proposal, according to Great Game India. A statement from the White House said President Joe Biden "strongly opposed" the plan. It claimed that the ERA violated the Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, which stipulates that the census shall only count the "whole number of persons" in each state.
    "The Biden administration is committed to ensuring that the census remains as accurate as possible and free from political interference, and to upholding the longstanding principle of equal representation enshrined in our Constitution, census statutes and historical tradition," the White House statement read.
    Nevertheless, the X owner pointed to the massive number of illegals entering under Biden's open borders policy as a basis for his prediction. He wrote on May 9: "Unanimous Democrat opposition to requiring citizenship for apportionment of House seats and presidential Electoral College votes says it all."
    "The Democratic Party's goal is to disenfranchise U.S. citizens by importing as many illegal immigrants as possible. Given the massive influx of illegals from every country on Earth, 2024 will probably be the last election decided by U.S. citizens." (Related: House Democrats pushing to permit migrants to vote.)
    Illegal immigration out of control under Biden

    Since acquiring the platform formerly known as Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022, Musk frequently takes to X to post a range of political opinions. While he supported Biden in 2020, the X owner has publicly criticized the chief executive's immigration policies, particularly about the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite this, Musk has also called for Biden to expedite and simplify the legal immigration process.
    Meanwhile, the GOP argues that immigration is out of control, especially in the southwest portion of the border with Mexico. According to Great Game India, "the ERA was introduced to improve the fairness of the process used to assign congressional seats" amid the issue of illegal immigration.
    "At the moment, figures are determined by taking into account the entire population of a state – which includes non-citizens – utilizing information from the decennial census. GOP lawmakers hope to utilize the data from the inclusion of citizenship status on the form to exclude non-citizens from the population figures used to calculate congressional seats."
    "The mere presence of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is influencing electoral outcomes, and the ERA that the House [of Representatives] passed would protect our democracy by making sure that American citizens – and American citizens only – have a say in determining the direction of our country," said Edwards.
    Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL), a co-sponsor of the ERA, described the proposal as "just one measure of many we must take to ensure election security and [see to it that] our votes are protected." He continued: "Biden's disastrous and intentional border crisis has resulted in millions of criminal migrants crossing our borders illegally. We must take steps to preserve the integrity of our elections."
    House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said after the May 8 vote: "We should not reward states and cities that violate federal immigration laws and maintain sanctuary policies with increased congressional representation. Common sense dictates that only American citizens should be counted for electoral apportionment, and the ERA ensures that."
    Head over to for similar stories.

    Watch this clip from "Mornings with Maria" on Fox Business about Senate Democrats voting to count illegals in the U.S. census.

    This video is from the NewsClips channel on
    More related stories:

    Biden calls illegals crossing the border "Hispanic voters."
    Cultural replacement: Why the immigration crisis is being deliberately engineered.
    Sen. Bill Hagerty accuses Democrats of plotting to use illegals to gain more congressional seats.
    The plot to RIG the 2024 election by instantly legalizing MILLIONS of illegals who invaded America.
    House Democrats just voted to REPLACE American voters with illegal immigrants who will now be represented in Congress.
    Sources include:

    Musk: 2024 election will be the LAST ELECTION decided by U.S. citizens because of unrestrained illegal immigration –
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Not if we demand deportation and end birthright citizenship.

    Terminate TPS, refugee, and asylum programs. We have no obligation to let anyone in.

    It must be done to save our country and our future.



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