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Muslim migrants who slaughtered a sheep in Bologna parking lot being investigated for animal cruelty

By Arthur Lyons 14 August 2019

Italian authorities are investigating two Tunisian migrants for animal cruelty after they slaughtered a sheep in a public parking lot.

According to Italy’s Il Giornale, the two slaughtered the sheep in the commune of Bentivoglio in Bologna for the yearly Islamic festival sacrifice Eid al-Adha, but were seen be onlookers who informed the police as to what was going on.
The local media reported that the pair had used the parking lot of a local business that’s used to offload goods to carry out the animal sacrifice. Apparently, the two men chose to do the animal sacrifice there because they thought they wouldn’t be discovered since the business was closed for a holiday.

Not long after the onlookers reported the two, the police arrived at the scene and informed the men to the illegality of slaughtering animals without first stunning them.
Several cases related to animal slaughter for the Islamic holiday have been seen by police across the country in the last few days. In a similar incident in Bologna, a pair of Moroccan migrants were reportedly caught hiding two sheep in the back of their car.
Neither of the Moroccans had proper documentation. Police gave both of the men citations for animal abuse.
In Florence, five individuals were brought to the attention of authorities after they were accused secretly slaughtering sheep and goats on a farm. Several goats and sheep that were on the property were confiscated by police to ensure that they weren’t slaughtered illegally.
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini hasn’t been shy in expressing his opposition to ritual halal slaughter. Last year, he mentioned that he wanted to end loopholes which permit Muslims and others slaughter animals without stunning them first.
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