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    Muslim politician in Sweden asked to resign after it’s exposed that he wants to kill

    Muslim politician in Sweden asked to resign after it’s exposed that he wants to kill the leaders of the US and Israel

    By Emma R. 15 October 2018

    Image: Samhällsnytt

    19-year-old Omar Al-Ganas, nephew of the Islamist leader Abu Raad, has, with the help of personal votes, entered the city council of Hässleholm.
    The news website Samhällsnytt recently revealed how Al-Ganas has expressed anti-Semitic views and derogatory comments towards women, has strong Islamic views, wants to kill the leaders of the US and Israel and has questionable loyalties to the country in which he lives.
    And as a result, he has now been asked by his own party (Social Democrats) to resign.

    Some facts about Omar Al-Ganas:
    He is the nephew of the infamous Abu Raad, who is identified as the leader of Islam in Sweden.
    Raad is Imam in a mosque in Gävle and celebrated ISIS’ conquest of northern Iraq on Facebook, and has also tried to raise money for terrorists.
    Another Imam, who was convicted of attempted murder of a Shiite Muslim in Hässleholm 2009 is married to Al-Ganas aunt.
    In addition, Omar Al-Gana’s cousin is Riyadh Abdulkarim Al-Duhan Raad, who is convicted of unlawful threats against a female Swedish journalist after her newspaper investigated Islamism in a local mosque, where Riyadh and Al-Gan’s relatives are active.
    When asked what he hates most, Al-Gana answered “Jews who eat apples”. According to Jewish tradition, Jews eat apples on their New Year Rosh Hashanah.
    He believes that the meaning of life is to “become a Muslim and pray to God”.
    His devotion to Islam is very clear. He posted a picture with the text “God is bigger” on Instagram, and then commented “Remember God”.
    In addition, he likes the fact that more and more people in the West are given the name Muhammed.
    But it is not just anti-Semitism, ties to radical Islamism, strong Muslim views, and a wish that more Muhammeds are born, – on Facebook, he also expresses derogatory views towards women.
    In a post on Facebook, he calls Swedish blogger Paow a “donkey” and then likes a comment that says “what a whore” about her.
    Even though his family fled from Iraq to Sweden, he still seems to hold the country in high regard. In another Instagram post he writes “Wherever I go, I represent this beautiful country”.
    The cavalcade of doubtful opinions continues. In another Facebook post, he shares a video about Trump’s travel ban. In a comment to the post a person says he hopes Trump “gets shot in the neck please god”, and Al-Ganas “likes” it.
    On he is asked what he would do if he was invisible. He answers that he would “smash all and kill Israel and the US president.”

    In addition, he believes that the death penalty, which the Social Democrats oppose, is “pretty damn good”.
    According to an article in the newspaper Frilagt, he stated that his great passion is to rule and “make decisions”, and that “God has put me on this Earth to be a politician”.
    And now, as a result of Samhällsnytt’s article, he has been asked to resign by his party. If he doesn’t, they will exclude him.
    He has tried to defend himself by claiming that he was “a child” (17) when he wrote the comments, but some of them are significantly newer, and his statements are far too many and too coarse for him to be able to remain.
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    Send him and his entire family back to Iraq!


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