April 29, 2006

XXX Food Chain
Corporate Headquarters
Pleasanton, CA

Dear Mr. XXX:

Over the past 17 years, it has been my pleasure to patronize your stores, particularly the one near my home on XXX in San Jose, CA.

While my relationship with XXX is important to me, I have another loyalty that supersedes all commercial and personal interests: Namely, the security, sovereignty, and economic well-being of the United States.

Stated bluntly, I am an American and damn proud of it! As such, I support actions that will keep America strong and free, and make it even more so in the future.

In light of my American Passion, I am requesting that XXX corporation confirm, in writing, the immigration status of all your employees, particularly those working in the store identified above.

Should it turn out that illegal aliens are in your employ, please advise as to the actions XXX is taking, or will take, to dismiss such individuals in order to bring XXXX into compliance with US immigration law.

As indicated, I have patronized your stores for nearly two decades.My records indicate I spend more than $3,500 each year for groceries and other commodities at XXX. (Mr. VV can confirm the volume of my purchases at the local store.)

Should XXX decline to provide the confirmation and/or action requested, please be notified that I shall, with regret, no longer patronize any of your stores, for any purpose.

Urging American Business to 'Do What is Right for America,' I remain sincerely yours.