With all the things that need to be worked on in this country, including a wide open Border, my border state Senator is busy raising money for Israel. Republicans are hoping to capture the House next election. They will be fortunate to hold the Senate.


The Democratic Party has veered hard to the left with the so called ‘Squad’ in Washington leading the charge for a socialist agenda.

Their attacks on Israel – one of our greatest allies – are nothing short of unconscionable.

We MUST challenge them. We need to expose their destructive ideas for the American people to see, and stand with conservative candidates across our nation to TAKE BACK the U.S. House.

I’m in this 100% percent,XXXXX. And if you are too, I need your help. It starts now, and it starts online.
Today we’re launching a Stand with Our Allies Fund. It will help elect conservatives supporting our key ally in the Middle East.
Will you become a Founding Member of this effort with a $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100 contribution today?

Stand with Our Allies Fund


These attacks against Israel are just one example of how far to the left the Democrats have gone. From repealing the Republican tax cuts to torpedoing our economy through the so-called Green New Deal, they are determined to tear down American freedom and prosperity.

What’s even worse? As we prepare for 2020, they are outraising Republicans 2-to-1 online.
We cannot sit back and hope to emerge victorious on November 3, 2020. We MUST take action, and we cannot afford to wait.

So please, rush your support today. I’d consider it a HUGE personal favor.

We need to raise $14,290 before Labor Day to fund our plans, and help elect pro-Israel, pro-America conservatives to office in 2020.

Thank you for your consideration. Your involvement is CRUCIAL to the success of this effort.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz