Folks, you can't rely on the courts to save our country. They've never ruled against an illegal alien, an immigrant, or a foreign trade deal sucking US dry as a bone. These guys all went to the same schools preaching globalism, global community, free trade, WTO, UN, open borders, New World Order, One World Government. They're never going to stand up or for natural born citizens or the United States. They never have, they never will.

Americans can control our country by controlling who occupies the Oval Office and the US Congress. All it takes is our VOTES. Do not vote for anyone who doesn't want a wall, who doesn't want to deport illegal aliens, who doesn't want to reduce and/or pause legal immigration, and/or wants Free Trade Treason Agreements. Just make those two issues: immigration and trade .... deal breakers. The rest will fall into place. There are other things that need to be done of course, but it all starts there with these two crucial monumental issues. And don't let them lie to you. Check them out. Check out their donors.

And if they're running for Congress or the White House .... just make sure they're natural born citizens. Born in the US to 2 US citizens. Under the Constitution, someone is eligible for Congress if they're just US citizens, not natural born. But I think we'll have a better country if from this point forward we choose candidates for Congress who are natural born citizens for all federal elected positions. Lets try it and see if it makes the difference I believe it will.