[ED.: the NachumList of "Deaths connected to the Obama White House" has been hacked and attacked in the past. Now, as a result, Google (why Google?) has encumbered the list with malware warnings and "dεath threαts", such as, "Warning, Do Not Enter This Site, At the Risk of Your Life!!! You may become infected with the dread MRSA computer virus, for which there is no known cure, and you will die! All your children will grow a second pair of eyes on their foreheads! Your home will be foreclosed and condemned and burned and your property turned into a toxic waste dump, financed from your estate taxes!"

Well, not the part about estate taxes. but you get the idea. Therefore, I have copied the NachumList as of Oct. 18, 2012, to allow you to refer to it without fear of virus infection or malware or hacker attack.]

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Obama's 'Dead Pool'

Deaths connected to the Obama White House

Here is the NachumList of deaths connected to the Obama White House, as of 10/18/12.

AirborneSapper7 has assembled this visual presentation of the NachumList, ilustrated with videos.