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    that is why the union went to the judge, to get their family members back closer to home so they could at least call or visit them.
    i posted about a talk i had with the union official and that is what he told me so they are using these peoples monies if nothing more to get their family members back to colorado because they were moved to el paso which is a different US district court (the same court were two BP agents were found guilty in march). the union is also helping with with legal services

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    .How in the hell did this illegal become Mayor. they must have a fraudulant voting ring.

    But my main question is, reading it all of the time, they`re use someone elses SS# yet they`re paying SS taxes and Federal taxes.
    NOW!,,,,,,,, Would`nt it be noticable to SS and the IRS when they see that the same name is paying taxes in one year from two different states?
    I know alot of people work more than one job. But how can someone commute from California or Colorado to Texas every day?

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