By John Dempsey | Aug 13, 2018

Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Party’s gift to the Republicans that keeps on giving. House Minority Speaker Pelosi recently said at a press conference that voting for Democrats provides “leverage” to illegal immigrants.

Pelosi also said in the presser that every illegal immigrant mom “courageously brought her child across the desert to escape death, rape, gang violence and the rest.” Her comments were, perhaps, not the most sensible. Recently, Juan Ramon Vasquez, an illegal alien who’s been deported once already, raped a five-year-old child in Philadelphia. Bad hombres are sneaking into the country and destroying lives. By ignoring that fact, Pelosi is immoral and has no grounds to assign those who want to strengthen border security and keep legal citizens safe the labels uncaring, heartless, or shameless.


Pelosi’s comments were probably not the wisest thing to say when unlawful immigration is the number one issue to voters in the upcoming midterm elections. She doesn’t seem concerned about the short term risks however, only gathering more future voting constituents.

Currently, the Republicans hold both chambers of Congress. There is a slight chance they could lose the House if the Democratic Party plays their cards right. However, Pelosi might ruin those opportunities and give leverage to the right by putting illegals ahead of citizens.

Illegal aliens, whether they are “good” or “bad” people, have caused problems for Americans. The left argues that illegals work in jobs that Americans refuse. That statement is wrong. Obama’s economy caused ruinous situations for businesses that hire entry level employees. There were massive taxes on companies, along with faux healthcare penalties that caused financial hardships. The former president created a situation where business owners needed to pay their workers either under the table or minimum wage to keep the business doors open.

There are regular news articles that report on illegals that have either driven intoxicated and killed someone in a wreck or who have murdered a citizen. Pelosi’s acceptance of unlawful alien criminals pushes American citizens away from the Democratic Party. Families have been devastated by these criminals that shouldn’t be in the country in the first place. Their loved ones would still be with them today, but Pelosi is advocating for more to break the law and come in to the country illegally. Her words spit in the faces of grieving fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and grandparents.

Republicans must campaign on the issue of illegal immigration, but they cannot ignore what Pelosi has said.


Pelosi tries to justify unauthorized entry by saying that immigrants are fleeing death, rape and gang violence, while she ignores the violence that gangs such as MS-13 bring to American soil.

Just this week the leftist publications Vox and ProPublica made a video trying to downplay the harm done by the evil Salvadoran street gang that is responsible for murdering and maiming thousands of people.

The left doesn’t get it. No matter how they spin the issue, illegal aliens hurt Americans whether it is financially, physically, or emotionally.

The more Pelosi and other Democrats push for amnesty and downplay the dangers of illegal immigration, the less chance they will have to win back the House or the Senate.

Will there be enough American citizens who get fired up and make their views heard at the polls in November? Only time will tell. Until then, Botox Betty may be handing over seats to Republicans on a silver platter.