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    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!
    Democrats are willing to commit voter fraud, to stop the elections all together! They are trying to find a way to pen it on the GOP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriotofPast
    Drama, if you know so much about the Voting Process, please explain to me WHY Mexican Consuls are allowed to Distribute Consulor Cards at Public Schools from a Traveling Bus?
    Here is what I KNOW drama, Democrats will do ANYTHING to get the Latino Vote. And screwing the American Taxpayer is NOT out of the question.
    There is no doubt that they are voting. I think they are finding loopholes, like they are registering by mail or at the welfare office. Lord knows that if they weren't voting illegally Russell Pearce wouldn't have ever been recalled. The laws are there, but once again our government doesn't think they are worth enforcing.
    "Mother Sick of Sending Her Child to A School Overflowing With Anchors and Illegals!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedramaofmylife
    I am pretty sure that you have to be a full blown American citizen to vote. Not even the legal aliens can vote, let alone illegals who don't know enough English to cast a vote.
    I respectfully disagree. There were over 5,000 votes cast in the 2010 Colorado election that are being challenged due to the fact that they were cast by illegal aliens. here's the link.

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