By: Cal Callaway
POSTED:MAR 21 2016 01:40PM EDT
UPDATED:MAR 21 2016 01:40PM EDT

ATLANTA - The day before Arizona Republicans cast their ballots, a new poll for FOX 5 and sister station FOX 10 Phoenix shows businessman Donald Trump is poised to win the Arizona primary with nearly 50% of the vote.

The poll conducted by Opinion Savvy shows Trump at 46%, ahead of Texas Senator Ted Cruz at 33%.

Ohio Governor John Kasich trails at 17%, with 4% undecided.

The poll shows the race narrows among early voters with Trump at 44% to Cruz’s 38%.

Opinion Savvy Founder and Managing Partner Matt Towery, Jr. said, “It is not expected that the race will come to such slim margins, as many Trump supporters eschew early voting, instead showing up on election day.”

Towery does see some positive points for Cruz.

Towery said, “Contrary to our polls of other states, Cruz performs relatively well with younger voters in Arizona. This is likely the result of a movement to block Trump’s potential nomination, which has garnered support from younger voters who find the businessman’s message off-putting. Nevertheless, Trump wins the support of the largest age cohorts, with over 50% of the 65+ vote.”

The poll found that Trump wins among very conservative, conservative, and moderate voters alike in Arizona.

Towery said, “While Trump’s highest rate of support is in the Northwestern corner of the state, he posts strong numbers in the Phoenix area with 48%.