New Polling Data Confirms Obama, Democrats In Trouble: Even Young Voters Turning

By Joseph R. Carducci on November 15, 2013 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci's Feed

We have all witnessed how one of the most ardent group supporting Obama and seemingly in all of his policies are the younger generation. Also known as millenials, the group of voters under the age of 35 has been one of his keys to victory in both presidential elections. The last time out, Obama won this group by more than a 20 point margin. However, things seem to be changing now as he tries to talk his way out of broken promises and an ObamaCare mess with seemingly no end in sight.
Over the past week there have been no less than three national polls released from Fox News, Quinnipiac, and Pew Research. All of these show that overall approval ratings for Obama have now dropped to 40 percent and below, with disapproval ratings reaching into the mid-50′s. They are also showing significant gains for Republicans on specific issues and also on the general Congressional ballot. Although he lost ground across all demographic groups, one of the most striking is indeed the millenials. They have been one of his staunchest bases of support in the past.
According to Quinnipiac, the prez has his overall approval rating underwater by 15 points, at 39 to 54 percent. However, among younger voters, this gap is even larger at 36 to 54 percent. This even breaks down to more bad news for Obama on an issue by issue basis, with poor ratings among the 18-29 year-old group on issues ranging from the economy (37 to 60) and healthcare (40 to 56) to the budget (34 to 59) and foreign policy (34 to 53).
Young voters also appear to trust Obama less. The Q-poll showed his “honest and trustworthy” rating drop to only 43 percent (with a majority at 51 percent saying he was NOT honesty or trustworthy). Guess what? Young voters also said that they would be more inclined to trust Congressional Republicans than Obama on issues like the economy by a 10-point margin, healthcare by a 5 point margin, and even the federal budget by a 3-point margin. They even split just about evenly on the question of supporting a hypothetical Republican (37) versus Democratic (36) congressional candidate.

The Fox poll was especially unkind to Obama, with the under 35 voters disapproval rating of Obama increasing to 53 percent. Not to mention the fact that they responded with double-digit negative marks for Obama on almost every issue polled. The only exception was immigration, which showed an 8-point negative rating. Republicans even hold a general Congressional ballot LEAD within this group at 34 to 32 percent. Even among leaners the lead is still 40 to 38.
What I find most interesting about all these polls is that they clearly show Obama now has a credibility crisis among younger voters. Whereas the general public believes that Obama knowingly lied (50 percent) about his ‘keep your plan’ promise as opposed to simply making a mistake (40 percent), this is even more pronounced among younger voters. Only 34 percent said he simply made a mistake, while a full 56 percent said that he knowingly lied, a strong 22-point margin, compared the the general public’s 10-point margin.
It remains to be seen whether Obama can recover from all of this. It does seem, though, that the younger crowd who was primarily responsible for putting Obama into the White House both times seems to be losing faith in ‘their’ president.
What do YOU think? Are the millenials losing faith and trust in Obama? What does this mean for the 2014 elections? How about for the presidential race in 2016? What do you think will happen?