New York City is “out of room” for migrants, warns Mayor Eric Adams… while incentivizing them with more handouts

02/21/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 300 Views

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared that his city is "out of room" for migrants – a massive shift from his previous advocacy for the status of so-called "sanctuary cities" in the United States.
Adams made this pronouncement in a recent interview with Fox5 New York's Rosanna Scotto, during which the mayor decried President Joe Biden's refusal to check the surge of illegal immigrants, which has plunged New York City into the verge of crisis.
Adams stated that while New York is a city of immigrants and has a history and culture enriched by legal immigration, the present level of illegal immigration into the city is both unjust and untenable for the city and its inhabitants. He stressed that if ongoing immigration rates do not decrease, overcrowding in the city will hit crisis degrees.
"We're not just saying we're out of room as a soundbite. We're out of room, literally. People are going to be eventually sleeping on the streets," Adams said. "I cannot break the law and enforce the law… I can't report to ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] for deportation."
Adams added that the city's "right-to-shelter" law is not originally intended for illegal migrants and asylum seekers.
He has been very vocal about the effect of the continuing immigration crisis on his city, stating last September that if left uncontrolled, the crisis could "destroy New York City." His administration asserts it is maintaining efforts to discover effective means to reply to and handle the developing crisis fueled by Biden's open border policies.
New York authorities unable to report criminal migrants to ICE for deportation

Adams' main concern is that he is unable to report criminal migrants to ICE for deportation due to the city and the state's laws protecting migrants from prosecution.
"The law states that we cannot notify ICE. I cannot break the law and enforce the law. I can't deport. I can't stop people from coming in, or repeated criminal behavior, I can't report to ICE for deportation. So, there's certain things I can't do," Adams said.
Nevertheless, Adams clarified that challenges to the right-to-shelter rule are ongoing in the court system. "We stated that it wasn't meant to be for migrants and asylum seekers," he said.
The migrant crisis has had a seriously harmful effect on New York City, spreading the wealthy metropolis' resources thin. This has resulted in some migrants being able to engage in violent altercations with New York Police Department officers. In one other instance, the city forced high school students to temporarily shift to remote learning arrangements so that illegal immigrants could be brought in to take shelter inside their school. (Related: Calls grow to deport migrants who attacked two police officers in New York City.)
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New York City is “out of room” for migrants, warns Mayor Eric Adams… while incentivizing them with more handouts –