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    News from the MMP Frontlines!

    Been VERY busy here on the front lines. I was (first 4 days) working on 22 to 23 hour days. Lots of things to get "built". The comms center has been a large task. I have also been working along with Jim Gilchrist and James Chase doing a whole lot of other things.

    I do not have good access to the Inet at this time, so the message will be short. We have not gotten good access, and the laptop I am with is not working. That along with doing a lot of work (comms, security, and in the field at least 8 to 10 hours a day), has caused the "daily" video project to fall into a not happening situation.

    Gotta go. There is a new LEO at the front gate of the compound, and the compound manager has asked that I help to show her around, so she has an idea of what is up.

    There is a limited Inet feed here now (dial up), so I will try to get more information in the near future. I have a LOT of information to share.


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    Welcome back Husker! Keep them updates coming!

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