Since NumbersUSA is pushing a DACA Amnesty deal which ALIPAC opposes, I thought I'd share this interesting e-mail copy I received today regarding the salaries at NumbersUSA. My salary at ALIPAC is only $46,000 per year.



Good decision on your part! You're on to them and have figured out FAIR is just a lot of hot air blowing out of Washington.

Now you need to cut off Numbers too, as they are also ineffective and soak up large amounts of money just to provide good lifestyles for Washington elite wannabes. No need to think they will ever accomplish anything other than flood your inbox with requests for you to phone somebody. In that respect, FAIR and Numbers are essentially two sides of the same coin.

In 2016 total compensation listed on form 990 was:

Roy Beck, President; $328,303
Rosemary Jenks, VP for Government Relations, $245,160
James Robb, VP for Operations; $199,674
Christopher Chmielenski, Director of Contact & Activities; $119,543
Josh Turcotte, Director of Technology; $117,871
Anne Manetas, VP and Deputy Director, $109,122 (35 hr. per week employee)

I recommend more cost effective immigration groups that run lean: Carrying Capacity Network, Vdare, Population Environment Balance are a few of these. Others may have more to suggest.

All this Form 990 can be found at www, for free and please continue to forward my wisdom to all your email contacts far and wide. Together we can make an impact.

Dick Burns
America's foremost immigration research scientist
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