The Democrats are constantly looking for ways to steal elections, and to shape elections to their benefit through unethical means. The most obvious is the absolute rejection of any kind of vetting system to require voters to show some sort of clear identification.

In this day and age, there is pretty much no one in the country who does not have some sort of picture ID. The Democrats insist that requiring ID disenfranchises poor and minority voters, and it fights tooth and nail against the requirement. It is ludicrous because virtually any other activity that a person undertakes, from flying on an airplane to picking up mail, requires an official form of identification. The fact that Democrats resist can lead to only one conclusion; intent to defraud.

They have also encouraged voting by computer, voting far ahead of the election day before all information is available, and other schemes that make it easier to commit voter fraud. Additionally, Democrats have worked hard to eliminate civics classes and classes on United States history and the Constitution in the public schools which would help to create an informed voter population. That seems very strange and something that both parties should desire, but it is a particularly Democrat effort to eliminate such preparation so as to dupe voters and make sure they are easily manipulated and misled.

Voting should actually require some effort, and some would even suggest a type of means testing to make sure those voting understand what they are voting for. Is it unreasonable to ask that those voting for or against a tax increase be tax payers and have some skin in the game?

Folks who don’t pay taxes but will gain from some program or another based on a tax increase are not unbiased voters have a bias and no reason to vote against the tax increase. But Democrats have worked all the angles and are now trying to find new ways to eliminate opposition and to ensure they get whatever they want. That is why President Obama has a new scheme to bring more uninformed and biased voters into the voting booth and to skew the results even more.

An enterprising Rutgers student who was at the White House as part of a college journalism program asked President Obama if he would do a one-on-one interview with the Rutgers student newspaper, and Obama said yes, and it happened, and if I’m not mistaken, the interview involves breaking news in the form of Obama, for the first time ever, endorsing the idea that Election Day should be a holiday in order to help improve turnout.

Obama and the Rutgers [Daily Targum newspaper] journalist, Dan Corey, then go on to have a substantive discussion of a number of issues, including voting. Here’s their exchange on that subject:

THE TARGUM: You have pointed out many times that voter turnout in the United States is very low, especially compared to other developed nations. But in many other countries, the government automatically registers voters and holds elections on days that are weekend days or national holidays. Do you think it’s time for the U.S. to follow their lead?

BARACK OBAMA: The single most dramatic political change that could occur in this country—and the best way for us to relieve the frustrations that people feel around the political process—would be if we had greater participation that was more reflective of the day-to-day concerns that people have.

Obama has previously endorsed the idea of mandatory voting but never, as far as I can tell, said he supports the movement to make Election Day a holiday—an idea that is also backed by Bernie Sanders, who introduced an election-holiday bill in 2015.

Mandatory voting seems right in line with Communist and Socialist countries with which Obama seems to sympathize. Of course the outcome is predetermined in those countries, as perhaps Obama thinks should be the case here.

Obama and Democrats are big on creating national holidays because it makes workers feel beholden to the party for giving them something “for free,” which in truth costs employers hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production and wages. Democrat legislators never consider that since they are, in general, anti-business and believe that businesses can afford to give up one more day for free. It is also not certain that workers would use the day to go vote instead of vacationing or taking it easy. The fact that it is so easy to submit an absentee ballot, to vote online, or to vote before or after work house suggests that those who do not vote are simply not interested in voting. And if they are not interested in making the effort to vote through these other mechanisms, perhaps they should not vote in the first place since they are probably not prepared.

Obama is as corrupt a president as we have ever had, and this is one more example of his ultimate goal in virtually everything he does, which is to advance the political power and control of government and the Democrat party. He is not a statesman, nor a patriot, and he is certainly not interested in the well-being of the people at large. Obama is the ultimate partisan, willing to bring this country to its knees in order to collect and exercise power, and the end of his presidency cannot come soon enough. Rest assured, however, that he has several tricks and abuses of power that he still plans on rolling out before that day.