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    OBAMA COMPARED TO MOST EVIL MEN EVER 'Acts more like a dictator than a leader of a fr

    Look out! Obama now compared to ...

    You probably have your own choice descriptors for Barack Obama, but now one gutsy American is going all out, comparing the president to these extremely famous names ...


    'Acts more like a dictator than a leader of a free people'

    Published: 1 hour ago

    President Barack Obama

    When it comes to his policies favoring gun control, President Obama is being compared to some of the most reviled names in history, including dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Il.
    California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican candidate for governor, tweeted a message Tuesday featuring an image contrasting what he said were famous names who championed gun rights with those who have backed gun control.
    “These people stood for gun rights,” the image states, with portraits of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
    But when it comes to those who “stood for gun control,” the names and faces include Hitler, Stalin, Kim, King George III of England, China’s Mao Zedong and Barack Obama.
    “Which side would you choose?” Donnelly said in his Twitter message he billed as a “history lesson.”
    When contacted by the Associated Press Tuesday, Donnelly did not buckle in his stance, telling AP he was standing up for the Constitution’s Second Amendment, which he said recognizes an “unalienable right to defend your life.”
    “When government becomes the greatest threat to the very rights it was formed to protect, that is tyranny,” he said in a written statement. “Tyranny is the daily purpose of dictators, and I will not apologize for pointing out that our current president acts more like a dictator than a leader of a free people in a Constitutional Republic.”
    The Los Angeles Times reports Donnelly has made expansion of gun rights “a central part of his platform, aligning himself with advocates who view gun regulations as a dangerous form of government overreach.”

    State Assembleyman Tim Donnelly, R-Calif.

    Donnelly’s remarks on Tuesday drew harsh reaction from Tenoch Flores, spokesman for the California Democratic Party.
    “It’s despicable and more than anything shows the degree to which this Republican gubernatorial candidate lives in an alternate universe populated by right-wing tea party delusions,” Flores told the Times.
    But California’s Republican Party was silent, as spokesman Mark Standriff declined comment, telling AP the party “will not get involved in a discussion between primary candidates in a contested race.”
    Ironically, firearms have actually created some legal trouble for Donnelly in the past.
    The lawmaker from San Bernadino County was placed on probation for three years after taking a handgun to an airport in January 2012.
    Donnelly said at the time he had accidentally left the weapon, which he “never got around” to registering, in his briefcase.
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    South West Florida (Behind friendly lines but still in Occupied Territory)

    Gun-grabbing cop goes ballistic: 'I'm the master!'
    Supremes shoot down state's fight for gun rights
    Gun-toting gal meets snow-shoveling shyster
    2nd Amendment supporters pick next target
    Can state limit self-defense to inside your home?
    3 dead in Maryland mall shooting
    Anti-gun mayor holds 'gay' crush hostage with gun
    Obama goal? 'Disarming of all Americans'
    Warning: Gun confiscation coming soon
    12 attorneys general: 10th Amendment 'turned on its head'
    See a shrink, lose your gun
    Hitler survivor tells Americans: 'Buy more guns!'
    Detroit police chief to citizens: Arm yourselves
    Judge: Gun waiting period 'burdens' 2nd Amendment
    Bang! Payday for man suing cops over guns
    Obama's 'clandestine' plan to make bullets vanish
    2nd Amendment not just for guns
    Obamacare coming after your guns?
    Senator quits to avoid recall over gun control
    Anti-gunners play dirty tricks in Colorado recall
    See report that undermines anti-gun rhetoric
    Come on judge! 4 years and no gun case decision?
    U.S. gov't 'buying up' AK-47 rifles
    Watch deputy face 3 armed citizens
    In crosshairs: Military base gun ban
    Obama firing off more executive orders
    Voters send explosive message on gun control
    Colorado recall a referendum on Dems' gun control
    Henry Waxman leads newest attack on guns
    Democrat manual: How to lie about gun control
    Bang! Editor fired after publishing gun-owner map
    Family fights back after 'corrupt' witness sent them to jail
    Newtown resurrected for Obama gun fight
    Obama gun-runners 'got away with it'
    Backlash! Gun-control laws nullified
    Sheriffs sue their own state over gun laws
    NRA draws line in sand over new gun laws
    Shock video makes case for high-capacity magazines
    Illinois housing gun ban defeated
    Marijuana laws new tool to ban gun ownership
    When is Piers Morgan 'moving back to England?'
    Colorado to pay piper after Dems' war on guns
    Feds sued for snatching veterans' gun rights
    Police told to choose: Gun control or Constitution
    'Evangelicals could be put on watch list, denied guns'
    Cops: Anti-gun mayor demanded sex at gunpoint
    CNN, MSNBC hype false al-Qaida claims on 'assault rifles'
    Look what's posted on Piers Morgan's lawn
    D'oh! Anti-gun Democrat makes 'bullet' gaffe
    Gun control on steroids! Insurance, registry and taxes
    Here's some good news for 2nd Amendment fans
    Ted Nugent not worried by U.N. gun grab
    Video: Can't grab guns while border on fire
    2 gun-control measures become law
    Senators aim to protect vets' gun rights
    Veterans forced to prove they're worthy of gun rights
    Gun-control battle pits sheriff vs. police chief
    NRA to feature 'urban gun enthusiast'
    Rock legend: 'No question' Obama should be impeached
    U.S. cities as bad as deadliest 3rd World countries
    See police confiscate guns from Americans
    Obama threatening veterans' gun rights
    Want to sell your gun? Not so fast!
    Look who's banning ads for guns
    Angry citizens rebuke gun-control lawmakers
    'Orwellian' bill allows search of gun-owner homes
    Feds admit: Gun laws won't slow crime
    Belafonte blasts 'white America' for black gun crimes
    Gun-grabbers Stallone, Arnold flop at box office
    Feinstein's plan bans any gun with a 'grip'?
    Feds accused of fomenting 'blood in our streets'
    Sandy Hook gun hearing draws 1,300 to testify
    22-year-old educates Piers Morgan on guns
    Feinstein bill targets parents for owning guns
    Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres
    Homeland Security hoarding ammo, depriving police
    Guv's anti-gun proposals 'likely doubled' rally turnout
    Message to Obama: 'Come and take it'
    Constitution 'no impediment' to Obama
    Rush Limbaugh: Obama 'wants people to snap'
    Oops! Gun-map hate mail goes to wrong paper
    Obama plan: 'Assault-weapon' ban, universal background checks
    Background checks to lead to federal 'list'?
    Obama sued to stop gun task force
    'Obama uses kids as human shields'
    Revealed: Obama's likely executive orders on guns
    Watch journalists squirm over 'gun-free' signs
    Ted Nugent: Obama's gun-control plans 'psychotic'
    Real gun threat: Illegal-alien street gangs
    NBC reporter to face gun charges?
    White House petition: Deport CNN anchor
    'Hate speech' targets 2nd Amendment supporters
    Man ordered to surrender guns � just for blogging!
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