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Thread: Obama Heckled by Illegals Over Immigration

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    Obama Heckled by Illegals Over Immigration

    Obama Heckled by Illegals Over Immigration

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    If we’d just deport all illegals the discussion would be over.
    Check it out:

    Immigration-rights protesters interrupted President Obama’s speech Monday demanding he use executive powers to immediately halt all deportations, but he rebuked them, telling them he doesn’t have that power.

    “You have a power to stop deportation,” one man, standing directly behind Mr. Obama, shouted near the end of the president’s immigration speech in San Francisco, who then began to lead chants of “Stop deportation!”
    “Actually, I don’t, and that’s why we are here,” Mr. Obama replied.
    When security moved to escort the protester out of the room, Mr. Obama told them to hold off.
    “These guys don’t need to go. let me finish. No, no, he can stay there,” he said.


    Give me a break this is a set up by this administration, family's are seperated because you illegally came here. If the immigrations laws were followed this wouldn't be happening you wouldn't be able to sneak in and you would be deported....How about just doing you job to protect and serve!!!!!! Hey Obama we all know youillegal lie on everything, your not even legal yourself...No part of illegal turns to legal the people who come here ILLEGALLY are criminals...

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    It never fails to amaze me how bold and relentless these illegals can be. They demand rights that they don't and shouldn't have. It is their own fault that families are seperated and have no one else to blame. There is no way that illegals should come before those coming through the proper channels. There is no way that any illegal for any reason should be rewarded for their criminal behavior. There is no way that we the citizens of the United States of America should even have to put up with this. Either deport them all and enforce our exisiting laws, or take away all jobs and freebies and let them self deport. It's as easy as that!!

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