Obama Is So Serious About The Border Crisis, He’s Sending Biden To Run Off Would-Be Immigrants

4,711 Shares By Kevin Boyd 7 hours ago

The Obama Administration is showing how incredibly serious they are about dealing with the flood of poor illegal immigrants that is swarming on the southern border by making the ultimate power play: They’re dispatching Vice President Joe Biden to Central America to tell people not to come to the U.S.
From the Daily Caller:
Biden will fly into Guatemala June 20, to meet with the presidents of Guatemala and El Salvador, plus a top official from Honduras, and to tell the 28 million people in those countries that they can’t migrate to the United States, a White House official said Sunday.
But the trip is merely for show, said one Hill aide.
“Anytime the administration sends Joe Biden to solve a problem, it’s clear evidence that the administration doesn’t see it as a problem worth solving,” the aide said, noting that Obama has not spoken in public about the crisis.
The countries of Central America are giving this trip all the respect it deserves. For example, the President of Honduras is going to be in Brazil watching the World Cup while Biden is in his country.
Clearly sending someone like Joe Biden on an overseas diplomatic trip really demonstrates that the Obama administration is not at all serious about America’s diplomatic image overseas or about managing our overflowing borders.
After all, what’s Biden going to do, tell bad jokes in order to keep people in Latin America? On second thought…