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    Instead of constantly REACTING to moves by the pro-illegals TRAITORS in Congress, such as working to counter the Dream Act or amnesty, we should be taking the OFFENSIVE,

    We've tried to tncdel. But if they ignore us, and do the bidding of their masters, it doesn't matter much how many times you call, or write, or fax them.

    We're getting to the point the Colonists got to with King George III. How long it will take for people to see this is going to depend on how long it is before they are directly affected by it.

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    And it's not only Rassmussen showing this:

    December 15, 2009 6:00PM
    National Review Online
    Obama's Numbers Sink to New Lows
    By Daniel Foster

    President Obama's approval ratings have sunk to their lowest levels yet, according to the latest Post-ABC poll. Fifty-three percent of Americans disapprove of his performance on health care, 52 percent disapprove of his handling of the economy, and 56 percent disapprove of his handling of the deficit. All are new highs—that is, lows. On unemployment, Obama's disapproval rating edged by his approval rating 48-47.

    The president's overall approval rating is down to 50 percent, his lowest level yet in a Post-ABC News survey, due mostly to declining support from independents.

    Full polling data here. ... 9121504003 ... E3NTI3YTA=
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    I am sure his approval rating are even lower than stated. All I am hearing about him from EVERYONE....everywhere I go, is negative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by April
    I LOVE IT April! Thanks for the first smile I've had today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratbstard
    Quote Originally Posted by April
    I LOVE IT April! Thanks for the first smile I've had today.
    You're welcome!!

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    He has bigger fish to fry. This is just training wheels.

    It's time to remove the entire bumper sticker. Regardless, Obama has much bigger plans as he eyes possible positions over world organizations that will put him in the driver’s seat to help push for a control at the Globe level. The means most writers believe it will happen is through the global climate change. You get people hysterical and then you do what Obama did to the U.S. Cram laws down their throat and give them no time to read or understand them. He is just cutting his teeth on the U.S. He wants to be the World's leader.

    Laugh, but not too loudly.

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    Re: the best defense is a good offense

    Quote Originally Posted by tncdel
    Instead of constantly REACTING to moves by the pro-illegals TRAITORS in Congress, such as working to counter the Dream Act or amnesty, we should be taking the OFFENSIVE,

    by demanding of our federal reps that they ENFORCE already-existing law.

    That would include GETTING RID OF THE ILLEGALS. Not coddling them or giving them anything else besides stiff fines and deportation.

    Here's the way to accomplish that:

    Round up a few thousand of them, as an example to the rest. Fine each one $10,000. Then FORCE-work those unable to pay the fines [on chain gangs, road crews, etc.] to pay off the fines before deporting them. When the rest see that happening, they will leave "pronto." Because low wages in Mexico, etc. is still better than NO Wages paying off fines, right?

    Don't let the bleeding heart lib pols tell you that would violate their civil rights. For judges have sentenced our own citizens guilty of crimes to hard labor. So why not the illegals too?

    I was told that crap by one of Rep. Maxine Waters staff. But I wasn't going for it, so we got into it. And we all need to "get into it" with any pro-illegals sympathizers masquerading as representing us in Congress.

    While you're at it, tell your federal reps to ban the use of "press 2 for Spanish" phone menus. For that shows unconstitutional favoritism to one group, while patently discriminating against all other non-English speaking minorities. Don't let the traitors try to tell you that the only reason why they condone the use of a "press 2 for Spanish" phone menu is because Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. To that I say, "So what?!" For the Equal Protection clause of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution essentially says that, "What you do for one group, you must do for all groups." So, the only way to comply with constitutional requisites for fairness is to show NO group any special treatment.

    But actually there is no legitimate reason why anyone here legally should not already know English, except for tourists legally here. And they can hire an interpreter, same as you or I would have to do when visiting a country whose language we didn't understand.

    Tell them to make English our official language, since it is the language upon which our country and its laws were founded.

    And tell them to replace the "press 2 for Spanish" phone menus with "press 2 to report an illegal alien [to I,C.E.]." Plus also prohibit the dual language government services. It costs a lot of taxpayer money to create dual language services. And 70 pages in English translates to about 100 pages in Spanish, thereby driving up costs for more paper, ink, postage, etc.

    Lastly, get your reps to pass a law clarifying for the courts that the illegals are NOT the "We the people" intended by our Constitution, and that the constitution of Mexico, etc. has no jurisdiction here. Accordingly, the illegals are NOT constitutionally entitled to Due Process or any other constitutional rights, only to SUMMARY JUSTICE, same as military tribunals dispense.

    So that the ACLU, etc. will have NO STANDING to file lawsuits on behalf of illegals. And the courts will have NO JURISDICTION to review lawsuits for illegals.

    Additionally, now that the Dream Act has been voted down again, let's not wait for the TRAITORS to resurrect it again. But to instead demand that already-existing federal law is ENFORCED against the universities and other schools harboring illegal aliens as students, or employees.

    For federal law says it's a felony CRIME to aid or abet, or to harbor or encourage, illegal aliens. See: ... C1324.html

    So demand of your federal reps to have all universities and other schools PROSECUTED for harboring illegal aliens. Fine them $10,000 EACH illegal found there, and make the schools pay all deportation costs, not taxpayers.
    Then our own kids can fill those slots.

    Another thing we can do is to demand that United Way and any other non-profit group aiding illegal aliens be prosecuted for that. Such groups are using our donations and taxpayer money to ENGAGE IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, as federal law says aiding illegal aliens is. They can be prosecuted under the RICO Act.

    And even those in Congress can be prosecuted under the RICO Act. In fact, YOU or I can file a class action lawsuit against Congress to ENJOIN them from granting amnesty or anything else for illegal aliens.

    I've already spoken with Mr. Gheen urging him to do it. But he wants me to get a lawyer to agree to do it. I've been trying to do that. But so far all the lawyers claiming to oppose amnesty have played "deaf and dumb" to my requests. If you know any lawyer who has the guts to oppose the traitors in Congress, then PLEASE, by all means, get him or her to file a class action lawsuit to enjoin Congress from granting amnesty, and also to COMPEL enforcement of existing law.

    At Mr. Gheen's suggestion over a month ago, I phoned IRLI, speaking to a female aide who expressed enthusiasm for my idea of having them handle the class action to block amnesty, etc. She directed me to send her boss a lengthy email letter outlining my idea, as I did. But I never got a reply, despite twice afterwards asking for a reply letting me know if they would handle the class action lawsuit. I also asked them to let Mr. Gheen know, because he told me he would go ahead with it if the law group would back him up by handling it.
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