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Thread: Official figures reveal that Scandinavia has a worrying migrant crime problem

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    Official figures reveal that Scandinavia has a worrying migrant crime problem

    Official figures reveal that Scandinavia has a worrying migrant crime problem

    By Arthur Lyons 24 February 2020

    Migrants living in Norway are immensely overrepresented in crime stats, while underage migrants were even more likely to be involved in violent criminal behavior in Oslo, official figures collected by Statistics Norway have revealed.
    Jon Helgheim and Sylvi Listhaug of the Progressive Party emphasized that the figures revealed that younger Somali immigrant men carry out violent crimes at a rate of 419 per 1,000 to 34 per 1,000 for native Norwegians, Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang reports.
    Thus, younger Somali immigrant men are 12.3 times more likely to commit a violent crime than native Norwegian men are.

    Helgheim and Listhaug both dispute claims made by globalist NGOs, so-called researchers and academics, who argue against the data revealed from Statistics Norway which clearly shows that immigrants are vastly overrepresented in violent crime, even when things like social status, employment status, gender, age are considered.
    “The reason we are criticized is that it is troublesome for politicians, activists, researchers, and commentators to be awakened by unpleasant facts when they have intensely tried to close both eyes and ears long enough,” Helgheim and Listhaug wrote.
    Helgheim and Listhag also criticized politicians, NGOs, media figures, and other so-called “experts” in Sweden for failing to address the same situation in their country “because it can be stigmatizing”.
    “Now the situation in Sweden is completely out of control with hundreds of car fires, hundreds of school fires, over a hundred bomb attacks, open street executions, and coordinated attacks with automatic weapons, bombs, and grenades,” they said.
    Days ago, Voice of Europe reported that of the gang leaders that Stockholm Police are focusing on in ‘Operation Rimfrost’, fifteen out of thirty-two are second-generation immigrants, while the remaining seventeen are foreign-born migrants.
    Last week, Voice of Europe reported on a similar phenomenon going on in Denmark. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published statistics from a recent study conducted by the thinktank Unitos.
    The study revealed that over half of men with Somali, Labanese, Kuwaiti, and Moroccan backgrounds who were born between 1985 and 1987, who’ve lived in Denmark since they were 14-years-old, had been convicted of a crime on one or more occasions before they reached 30-years-old.
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    They need vasectomies, tubal ligations, and birth control to stop overbreeding in poverty and send them all back home.

    They grow up in a culture of rape, incest, tribal communities, crime, theft, anger, rubble, and hate. They do NOT leave those traits behind when they cross our borders. Now we have 3-4 generations of this mentality and their offspring.

    Process and deport within 48 hours. No detention centers, no free stuff, no housing, and no path to stay.

    Send in special forces, round them up, load on ships back home...PERIOD.


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