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Thread: Omnibus to include $641M in funding for non-concrete border barrier

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    Omnibus to include $641M in funding for non-concrete border barrier

    Omnibus to include $641M in funding for non-concrete border barrier

    March 21, 2018

    NIV Elis

    Congressional leaders are poised to meet in a snowy Washington on Wednesday to finalize a deal on a $1.3 trillion spending package that could include money for border barriers, but not President Trump's wall.

    The White House has demanded $1.6 billion in funding for the president's signature issue, one of several fights that has held up talks days before a possible government shutdown.

    It appears the legislation will fall well-short of Trump's demands, but could include $641 million for 33 miles of new border fencing. It would also include $1.296 billion in funding new border technology. The funding would only be used for levees and fences, not a concrete wall, according to the source familiar with the discussions.Trump hoped to win $25 billion in money that could be put in a trust for the wall.

    Negotiators are edging closer on several other contentious issues, the source said. They have agreed the bill will not include new provisions aimed at Planned Parenthood or action on "sanctuary cities," which do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

    It would add $2.8 billion in funding to address the opioid epidemic, directed both at substance abuse programs and National Institutes of Health research, plus some $687 million in new funding to secure U.S. elections and combat Russian cyberattacks.
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    "It would add $2.8 billion in funding to address the opioid epidemic"


    I would rather have that $2.8 BILLION to build the wall!!!

    The more WALL we build now and keep the drugs and illegals out the more money we will save for programs down the road. They cost us $113 BILLION a year.

    It is imperative we build the wall for now and our future. Mexico is not our friend and cannot be trusted to depend on for our security. Turn them all right back around at the border. The more we allow them to dump people on us the more they will send! Knock it off already and cut off the freebies to every one of them. Make them self deport.

    Stop kicking this can down the road!

    Cut off all foreign aid to Mexico and Central America. They do not have a war going on, they have NO right to dump their people across our border. We are not responsible for their government, their prosperity, their poverty, their gangs, or their overbreeding. Send them ALL back! We have our own backyard to clean up and country to rebuild.



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    The Democrats will not allow a concrete wall because it's more permanent in nature. All the marginal fencing and border technology can be removed or stopped at the whim of a new administration. A massive concrete wall is not so easily removed.
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