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    Great letter, W!

    I have never watched Brit Hume but if I had known this show was broadcast, I would have watched. I'm a fan of Pat Buchanan for his stance on illegal aliens and will purchase his new book soon.

    Several new members in this thread! Welcome to Alipac!
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    I don't spend a lot of time watching Fox, but over many months, in listening to their discussions/interviews relating to immigration issue, they have obviously NOT been on the same page as most conservatives. In fact, they have shyed away from reporting or discussing anything that would be in conflict with Bush's agenda. I imagine Rupert Murdoch is a pretty regular visitor to the White House.

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    I also like that last paragraph, as it is true. The MSM does not accurately report both sides of the issue
    Me too. I really hope folks will also not forget that with other issues as well. Thier one-sidedness is not reserved for just the illegal immigration issue. We as a people, a country have to communicated better and not depend so much on the very biased MSM. We have to hold the media to a higher standard. Thank God for the internet!
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    The Wall Street influences on Fox are clear to see. Half the time it looks like they are selling stocks on the channel!

    When Fox News speaks, you are hearing the mouth of the upper levels of the GOP that are accessories and facilitators of this invasion.

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    Rupert Murdock owns Fox and he is a big Hillary supporter. As for the panels the Beltway boys (old men really) have endorsed a guest worker (amnesty) program all along.

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