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Thread: An Open Letter to Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner

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    An Open Letter to Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner

    by Phyllis Schlafly 25 Nov 2014, 6:48 AM PDT

    President Barack Obama proudly announced that his policies would be on the ballot in the November 4 midterm elections. He got his answer loud and clear: the American people said, "No thanks.Ē

    The voters gave Republicans a big majority equal only to the stunning congressional victory 68 years ago in 1946. That Congress, known as the 80th Congress, which elected 57 new Republican House Members and 13 new Republican Senators, should serve as a model to the Members elected in 2014 for what a courageous conservative Republican Congress can accomplish.

    Elected on the slogan "Had Enough," the 80th Congress reflected the views of the American people who had had enough of Franklin D. Rooseveltís New Deal and were especially irritated by his imposition of price control. The voters rose up and called for an end to the big-spending, big-government, pro-socialist years of FDRís four-term regime.

    Since weíve also had enough of Barack Obama, itís instructive for the current generation to learn how decisively the 1946 Republican winners responded to the challenge thrust upon them. Under the leadership of Senator Robert A. Taft, that Congress made the greatest legislative record of any Congress in the 20th century.

    The 80th Congress reduced taxes, balanced the budget, and even reduced the national debt. Congress used congressional investigations to expose Communists in government, such as Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White.

    Weíre looking for the Boehner-McConnell Congress to do likewise about reducing taxes and spending. We are also looking for the new Congress to use aggressive televised congressional investigations to educate the public about Obamaís unconstitutional and illegal acts, especially his executive amnesty for illegal aliens.

    The 80th Congress passed much good legislation over President Harry Trumanís veto, most notably the Taft-Hartley Law. That Congress was staunchly anti-Communist at home and abroad; it launched the Greek-Turkish Military Aid Plan which, under General James Van Fleet, crushed the Communist guerrillas in Greece.

    The 80th Congress passed the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution limiting the President to two terms, thereby rebuking FDRís unprecedented four terms. That is a gift that keeps on giving because it meant we didnít have to worry about Bill Clinton or Barack Obama running for a third term.

    Republicans were given a resounding mandate in 1946 to scale back the federal government, which had bulked up to fight World War II. Defying the voters, President Harry Truman greeted the incoming Republican Congress with the arrogant statement in his annual budget message of January 10, 1947: "There is no justification now for tax reduction."

    Republicans passed a bill to cut taxes across the board, while reducing expenditures to keep the budget balanced, but Truman vetoed it. Undeterred, they passed a second tax-cut bill, which Truman also vetoed. On the third try, Congress passed the tax cut over Trumanís veto.

    That 1948 Revenue Act provided tax relief for all Americans by raising the personal exemption (which removed 7,400,000 low-income Americans from the tax rolls), lowering the tax rates, and instituting the joint income tax return for married couples. That pro-family innovation helped sustain the great American baby boom.

    Running against the "me-too" Republican Tom Dewey in 1948, Truman managed to win a full four-year term as President, but his popularity soon collapsed. The conservative majority in Congress resumed passing bills over Trumanís vetoes, including the great McCarran-Walter Act of 1952, which reinforced strict limits on immigration and required the exclusion of Communists and other dangerous people.

    The positive leadership exercised by the 80th Congress encouraged the start of a new grassroots movement. Average Americans formed study groups in private homes to read the hearings and reports of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.

    Conservative newsletters, such as Human Events, informed the grassroots about current issues. Dr. Fred Schwarz presented his unique anti-Communism schools. Dean Clarence Manion gave us a conservative message every week on radio. Even the American Bar Association issued a report on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives, daring to criticize a long list of pro-Communist Supreme Court decisions handed down by the Earl Warren Court.

    Three courageous publishers produced books that were widely read: Henry Regnery, Caxton of Idaho, and Devin Garrity of Devin-Adair who published the popular books by John T. Flynn and warnings about school curriculum by Professor Merrill Root. During the 1940s, new organizations were founded that helped to build grassroots political effectiveness: the American Enterprise Association, Americaís Future, the Foundation for Economic Education, and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

    So three cheers for the new Republican Congress and our hope is that it is ready for the fight. America is depending on you.
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    Thank you for this nice article reminding or educating as the case may be on another set of great acts by Republicans to help our people and nation. I so hope the new Congress in January doesn't spoil its opportunity to do likewise. It's way past time for Republicans to be on the job doing the job because we are the only hope for saving our nation, which embodies both a tremendous responsibility to deliver America's second chance to restore the dreams of our own people and nation and an opportunity that we can not and must not allow those we elected to squander.
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    Thanks, Jean, for the history lesson of a time that I was going to school. Yes, schools then taught American history, and encouraged the salvation of the Republic. Regrettably, since 1986,, IMO, of being pumped up by both political parties over the elections of the last 12 election cycles, that republican party does not seem to be today's republican party.

    I hope that Boehner and McConnell get to see this thread. They need to be reminded that it was a great party. Whatever faith I had in that party was destroyed when the '86 amnesty was signed by their party in addition to actions taken in that presidency that began the destruction of America's middle class. Then the amnesty without secure borders played a large role in the death of my son this month in 1990, and that party has done nothing to restore any faith from myself.

    I am not criticizing your optimism, but as they need to know that some have hope in them, they need to know other Americans would not trust them with our pets.

    I pray they you are right! After 12 election cycles of praying hopefully for change, change in my lifetime is difficult to imagine, now. I can imagine the Americans who passed without seeing right done for Americans, while politicians catered to aliens who destroyed our culture, our families, and our living standard! Twenty-eight years of most recent history that it has gone on consistently!

    Mitch, John, it is time to be statesmen! Are you up to that standard?

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    Here is another bit of History

    Gangsters, Pranksters and Banksters

    The more things "CHANGE" The more they STAY the SAME!!!!

    They don't want any History taught because our children will learn things like this!!!!
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    Well, 'Bama managed to put a lot of blame for a 2013 government shutdown on Republicans, and we see how that turned out;-)

    Now we need to see whether the Repubs were sincere about, for example, implementing Universal E-Verify. (A five year phase in of this simple, inexpensive way to verify that applicants are entitled to work in the United States was included in the Senate's immigration bill.)

    The non-partisan Congressional Research Service says that Congress can defund Toxic 'Bama's amnesty. Let's see whether the Repubs were sincere, or whether they were using 'Bama as a smoke screen, to give their big money donors the surplus labor that will keep wages down and profits up.
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