Oregon Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson and Greg Matthews (candidate for House District 50) is having a town hall meeting about public safety at the Gresham Library (385 NW Miller Ave.) on July 28th, 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm.

The discussions will be on:

Reducing scrap metal theft which is routinely committed by meth users to support their addictions.

Prevention of kids joining gangs, and what activities may keep them from engaging in crime (gangs).

Max (public transportation/train) safety.

My opinions is that the last two are directly related to the heavy gang influence in Gresham, which has been mainly brought in by illegal aliens. What would be good to have is a large contingent of Gresham citizens who are interested in not only the issues she plans to cover, but also in presenting to Miss Anderson and Mr. Matthews about the police force in Gresham being allowed to use 287 g of the Immigration and Nationality Act (as outlined in this link)http://www.ice.gov/partners/287g/Section287_g.htm .

If you know of anyone interested who lives in this area, this would be a time perfect for addressing this issue.