Peter Schweizer: ‘FBI Agents Investigating Hillary Clinton Are Required to Read ‘Clinton Cash’ as a Backgrounder’

by Breitbart News 16 May 2016

In an interview with Ashley Pratte of LifeZette, author Peter Schweizer discussed his new documentary film “Clinton Cash” based on his bestselling book by the same name, which premiered during the Cannes film festival this week.

Question: With the premiere of the “Clinton Cash” documentary on Monday, what do you think the impact will be on Clinton’s candidacy and the 2016 race?

Answer: Well, I’ve never been good at political predictions — I leave those to the experts. But there’s no question that “Clinton Cash’s” investigative findings have been confirmed by the investigative units at several mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times, [The] Washington Post, the New Yorker, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MSNBC, FOX News, and several others. So to the degree that beat reporters actually ask Hillary questions germane to the book’s findings, it’s going to cause major problems for her.

Q: With new reports from The Wall Street Journal about the Clinton Foundation taking in $2 million, then giving it to friends, what are your thoughts?

A: It’s just one more of a myriad of examples of something I dubbed the “Clinton blur.” “Clinton Cash” showcases dozens of similar instances. A major foreign donor wants something from Hillary Clinton’s State Department. They funnel tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and hire Bill Clinton to deliver a speech and pay an exorbitant speaking fee, and — voila! — Hillary’s State Department enacts policies that favor the foreign donor. Over and over the pattern played out. Case in point: Of the 13 speeches Bill Clinton delivered from 2000 to 2012 that fetched over $500,000, only two occurred when Hillary wasn’t secretary of state.

Q: Are Clinton’s shady dealings finally catching up to her?

A: Yes, but the public’s awareness of it will reach critical mass in the months ahead. There’s been a virtual blackout by top reporters asking Hillary any questions about “Clinton Cash.” The only question she received on her transfer of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Putin’s Russia as nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation was asked by a local reporter, and she brushed off the question. But that will soon change. We’ve been told FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton are required to read “Clinton Cash” as a backgrounder.

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