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    PICKET: GOP - Poll watcher in Detroit threatened with gun, 911 call rejected

    PICKET: GOP - Poll watcher in Detroit threatened with gun, 911 call rejected

    By Kerry Picket -
    The Washington Times
    November 6, 2012, 12:29PM

    Tensions are high all over the country at the polls today. The Michigan Republican Party is alleging that a poll watcher in Detroit on Tuesday morning was threatened with a gun. According to the Michigan GOP the poll watcher's 911 call was rejected. Below is a press release from Michigan Republican Party spokesman Matt Frendeway:

    This morning, a legally credentialed poll watcher was threatened and intimidated while attempting to perform his legally allowed duties of observing the election process at precinct polling location 289 in Detroit. The poll watcher, a lawyer, was confronted by a voter in line, who demanded the poll watcher produce his credentials, which he did.

    However, the voter said that wasn’t good enough and that he had “a badge and a gun” and told the poll watcher get out of the precinct. Rather than allow the situation to escalate, the poll watcher left before the voter produced a badge or brandished a gun. Fearing for his safety, the poll watcher exited and called 911, however the Detroit Police refused to respond to the call – neglecting the fact that a voter alleged to have a ‘badge’ and a ‘gun’ in a precinct, putting other voters at risk.

    Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak issued a statement concerning the issue the following statement:“Poll watchers, precinct workers and voters should not be put in danger when performing their duties, our Republic requires free and fair elections.

    “I can only hope that this morning’s outlandish, reckless and dangerous behavior, was not part of a coordinated effort by the Democratic Party and therefore, I am calling on Mark Brewer, Democratic Party Chairman, to condemn these threats of violence and pledge to ensuring all election workers, volunteers and citizens remain safe.”

    Read more: PICKET: GOP - Poll watcher in Detroit threatened with gun, 911 call rejected - Washington Times PICKET: GOP - Poll watcher in Detroit threatened with gun, 911 call rejected - Washington Times
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    Altough it is awful, a hunch tells me this was just the one person not so much something the local Dem party was involved with. As with shooters on rampages, they rarely have a large group they are coordinated with and usually are "mavericks" in their actions, I would have to think so (trying to presume the best of the local Dem party) in this case as well.

    However, still, they actually need to call out to all people who affiliate with them, who are feeling like they can control the outcome, or respond to the outcome with violence, not to react this way that it is wrong. Just as the Tea Party would find infiltrators attempting to hijack their true intent at rallies with racism or violent acts, they took action and quickly weeded out those causing problems (and the MSM and others on the left would make a huge deal about this, even when the Tea Party would act quickly).
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    Detroit cops have been walking off their jobs like fleas jumping off a mangy dog ..
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