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Thread: Poll: Trump leads the GOP field but falters against Clinton

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    Poll: Trump leads the GOP field but falters against Clinton

    Poll: Trump leads the GOP field but falters against Clinton

    Susan Page and Erin Raftery, USA TODAY
    3:23 p.m. EDT July 14, 2015

    A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll shows Donald Trump taking the lead over the rest of the Republican field in the presidential race, but he's still got a long way to go to catch up with leading Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

    (Photo: AP)

    WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has surged to the top of a crowded Republican presidential field, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds, but the brash billionaire is also the weakest competitor among the top seven GOP candidates against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    In the nationwide survey, Trump leads at 17% and former Florida governor
    Jeb Bush is second at 14%, the only competitors who reach double digits. Trump's edge, which is within the poll's margin of error, is one more sign that his ​harsh rhetoric about immigration and toward his rivals has struck a chord with some voters.

    What explains Donald Trump's appeal?

    "He's got some backbone," Steve Fusaro, 59, of San Clemente, Calif., who was among those polled, said approvingly in a follow-up interview. "We need a businessman."

    But Buxton McGuckin, 19, of
    Columbia, S.C., who supports Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, expresses alarm at the potential repercussions of Trump's words. "I know he's a conservative and Republican but I mean ... the (stuff) that comes out of his mouth," the audio engineer says.

    Trump has gained 6 percentage points since the USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll taken in June; Bush's support has stayed steady.

    Poll: Trump jumps to second among N.H. Republicans

    Paleologos on the Poll: General election 'dangerously close' for Clinton

    The survey of 1,000 adults, taken by landline and cellphone Thursday through Sunday, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. The sample of 349 likely Republican primary and caucus voters has an error margin of +/-5.25 points.

    Trump's strengths and his weaknesses are on display.

    While he leads the GOP field, he fares the worst of seven hopefuls in hypothetical head-to-heads against former secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic nominee. Bush, the strongest candidate against Clinton, lags by four points nationwide, 46%-42%. Trump trails by 17 points, 51%-34%.

    That's a wider margin than Florida
    Sen. Marco Rubio (down 6 points), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (8 points), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (9 points), Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (10 points) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (13 points).

    Who's a contender? Why Scott Walker is, and Donald Trump isn't

    Nearly half of all those surveyed, 48%, say Trump's comments about illegal immigrants, including characterizing Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers, matter a lot to their vote. Just 15% say the comments make them more likely to support him; 48% say they make them less likely.

    "We've seen Donald Trump make it to the top, but the question is can he stay on top," says David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. "In 2012,
    Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain led the GOP primary field briefly but only to fade."

    When the first and second choices of Republicans are combined — an indication of how things might sort out when the field eventually gets smaller — Trump does a bit less well.

    Bush is at 14% and Trump at 13%. Rubio and Walker are supported by 10%, Texas
    Sen. Ted Cruz by 6% and Carson by 5%.

    "I haven't decided which of the several thousand candidates we have who I'm supporting," jokes William Turville, 68, of Reedville, Va. At this point, he says he could see himself backing Bush, Rubio or Walker.

    The Road to 2016

    "Bush has some good ideas, (but) I think his problem is he's painted with the Bush last name," Turville says. Some voters "were not happy with his older brother, (and) there's still stigma from his father."

    "I think we've had enough Bushes in there," says Charlene Birdwell, 70, of
    Texarkana, Texas.

    Even Stacey Richardson, 43, of Gretna, Neb., calls Bush her first choice but volunteers Trump's name as well. "I like the way he tells the truth," she says.

    Trump is the best-known of the Republican contenders. Just 2% of those surveyed have never heard of him, compared with 27% who have never heard of Walker and 16% who haven't heard of Rubio. But Trump also is viewed the most negatively of all.

    In the poll, 61% have an unfavorable impression of him and 23% a favorable one, a net-negative rating of 38 points. Bush's favorable-unfavorable rating is 35%-42%.

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    So the socialists at USA Today paid some other socialists at Suffolk University to create a poll that says what they want it to say bashing Donald Trump... yawn.

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    First in Fox News First: New poll shows Hillary way under water in swing states

    By Chris Stirewalt
    Published July 15, 2015

    NOW PLAYINGHillary Clinton reveals her 'fair share' economic plan

    Pro-GOP group American Crossroads had pollsters Vox Populi survey voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia. This month’s results found only 38 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of former Secretary of StateHillary Clinton, while 53 percent had an unfavorable view. Clinton trailed a generic Republican candidate by 8 points. Fifty-eight percent of respondents somewhat or strongly agreed that Clinton “will say or do anything” to be president. Additionally, 56 percent of respondents found her at least somewhat untrustworthy, and 37 percent thought she was definitely hiding something about the 2012 Benghazi attack with another 21 percent probably hiding something.

    [GOP-opposition research group America Rising unveiled its sister group, AR2, on Tuesday.]

    Clinton says Democrats should run on climate change - National Journal:“Hillary Clinton isn’t afraid to talk about global warming—and she wants her fellow Democrats to join her. In closed-door meetings with House and Senate Democrats Tuesday, Clinton jumped at the chance to discuss the hot-button topic in political terms, numerous lawmakers said. Clinton delivered a clear message: Democrats must convince the American public that action to combat Earth's rising temperatures is urgent, and her party can make that case by tailoring their message to different kinds of voters.”

    Clinton family friend attacks Hillary on bank breakup - Former classmate to both Clintons, economist Robert Reich goes after Hillary for her resistance to the Glass-Steagall Act. Reich posted a column on his website stating: “Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall …This is a big mistake. It’s a mistake politically because people who believe Hillary Clinton is still too close to Wall Street will not be reassured by her position on Glass-Steagall.”

    [Poll: Hillary loses a step or two - Hillary Clinton’s sizable lead has been trimmed a bit according to a new Monmouth University poll. Clinton saw support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters drop six points since June to 51 percent. Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., still a distance second at 17 percent, bumped up 5 points from his June showing.]

    O’Malley pushes further on immigration than Obama - TIME: “Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on Tuesday called for a broad sweep of executive actions to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation and detention, touting his work as governor of Maryland and saying he would go further than President Obama as he seeks to attract the support of Hispanic voters.”

    Vox: “Obama already has vowed to veto planned legislation blocking the deal. That means he will rely on just one-third of either the House or Senate voting with him to save it. He needs a majority of Democrats but only a minority of either chamber. That paradigm — Republicans uniformly opposed and Democrats divided — will make the agreement a tougher sell to the broader public than if it had bipartisan majority support or even full backing from Obama’s Democrats. ‘The easier vote for most us will be no,’ said one House Democrat who is inclined to back the president. Members don’t tend to lose their seats for voting against the president when his position ends up winning, the lawmaker explained.”

    Happy place - David Drucker points out that the issue is not so complicated for Republicans, quoting GOP wise man Ed Rollins: “Bad issue for the country; good issue for Republicans.”

    Rubio group launches television second ad on Iran - The Conservative Solutions Project, a group backing Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., released a second ad Tuesday set to air on national cable stations. The ad called “Lessons of History” highlights Rubio as the leader against President Obama’s Iran deal. Watch here.

    Rand opposes final Iran deal - NYT: “Senator Rand Paul, the White House hopeful from Kentucky who has supported negotiations with Iran, was silent on the historic development for most of the day on Tuesday before explaining on Twitter why he opposed it.”

    [Chicken salad out of… - Hoover Institution’s Kori Schake offers her prescriptions for making the best of the Iran deal.]

    History Channel: “On this day in 1903, the newly formed Ford Motor Company takes its first order from Chicago dentist Ernst Pfenning: an $850 two-cylinder Model A automobile with a tonneau (or backseat). The car, produced at Ford’s plant on Mack Street (now Mack Avenue) in Detroit, was delivered to Dr. Pfenning just over a week later. Henry Ford had built his first gasoline-powered vehicle–which he called the Quadricycle–in a workshop behind his home in 1896, while working as the chief engineer for the main plant of the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. After making two unsuccessful attempts to start a company to manufacture automobiles before 1903, Ford gathered a group of 12 stockholders, including himself, to sign the papers necessary to form the Ford Motor Company in mid-June 1903.”

    Got a TIP from the RIGHT or the LEFT? Email FoxNewsFirst@FOXNEWS.COM

    Real Clear Politics Averages
    Obama Job Approval: Approve – 46.1 percent//Disapprove – 50.0 percent
    Directions of Country: Right Direction – 30.0 percent//Wrong Track – 60.5 percent

    Pencils down and please pass your papers forward. The Federal Election Commission will release today the details of the second-quarter fundraising by 2016 candidates.

    With Jeb Bush in his own $114 million campaign-plus-super PAC fundraising zip code, and Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio rounding out the top tier at $51 million and $43 million respectively, the key question is what will Scott Walker’s filing tell. Though his official kickoff was just last week, the Wisconsin governor will need to show he can compete in the top money group.

    Despite solid poll number in early states Walker is bound to suffer some down beats which means having sufficient hay in the loft to push through a heavily front-loaded primary calendar. Walker will face a tough climb if he falls back into the rest of the pack, none of whom has reported more than $17 million in combined campaign/PAC dollars, several bringing in considerably less.

    [Who’s rising fastest? Who’s spending fastest? WSJ goes granular on what to watch out for in second quarter filings.]

    Walker picks fight with Feds over food stamp drug testing - Chicago Tribune: “The budget Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed on Sunday contains language requiring food stamp recipients to undergo drug screening. If they fail the screen they must go through drug testing and treatment to remain eligible for the benefit. The lawsuit alleges that federal food stamp officials warned the state in May that federal law bars the state from implementing any drug testing for food stamp recipients. The law prohibits a state agency from imposing eligibility standards for food stamps that aren't consistent with standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture secretary.”

    Freakout, day two - Walker’s support for the Boy Scouts’ policy to welcome gay scouts but ban gay scoutmasters was greeted by a full-scale frenzy on the left.

    [Walker continues his post launch tour with a trio of events in South Carolina today.]

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush, R-Fla., rolled out his South Carolina campaign committee today. Notable names include Sally Atwater, widow of Lee Atwater,legendary Republican strategist and former RNC chairman, and Windell Rodgers, pastor of Greenville’s Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church, which was founded by the first African American student at Clemson University. Read the full list here.

    Jeb tees off on Trump - “Whether it’s Donald Trump or Barack Obama, their rhetoric of divisiveness is wrong…A Republican will never win by striking fear in people’s hearts. A Republican can win and will win if we have an aspirational message that gives people hope that their lives will be better if we apply conservative principles the right way,” said Bush in Iowa on Tuesday.

    [Watch Fox: Jeb Bush joins the ranks of the presidential contender series on “Special Report with Bret Baier.” Watch Bush’s segment tonight at 6 p.m. ET]

    Carly Fiorina, who has held an upper tier position in the Fox News First GOP Power Index, has seen her numbers drop. The sole woman Republican presidential candidate has been effective taking it to Democratic frontrunnerHillary Clinton. So what’s behind the slide? Chris Stirewalt has the answer, in 60 seconds. WATCH HERE.

    “I am proudly pro-life. I believe that every human life has potential and that every human life is precious. This latest news is tragic and outrageous. This isn’t about ‘choice.’ It’s about profiting on the death of the unborn while telling women it’s about empowerment.” – Carly Fiorina on the story that Planned Parenthood affiliated organizations sold parts of babies post-abortion

    Kasich cites Bible for ObamaCare expansion - The Hill: “Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a likely Republican presidential candidate, on Tuesday defended his decision to accept federal dollars for a Medicaid expansion as part of ObamaCare…He defended the decision as rooted in Biblical teaching of helping the ‘downtrodden,’ and he pushed back against others in his party that panned Obama’s Medicaid expansion as bloating the size of the federal government. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the only other Republican governor in the field to expand Medicaid.”

    Christie’s special announcement - Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., is in Annapolis, M.D. today for a “special announcement event,” per press release. He will also sit down with Campaign Carl Cameron for a one-on-one interview.

    Early state newspapers round up GOP cattle call - The New Hampshire Union Leader and newspapers in Iowa and South Carolina are inviting Republican presidential contenders to address early state voters. It will be the 16th such event of 2015, but the first cooperative effort among media outlets in early primary states. The event is set to take place Aug. 3.

    Miami Herald: “Carlos Lopez-Cantera, the former state lawmaker who rose from relative obscurity as Miami-Dade County property appraiser to become next-in-line to the Florida governor, will run for the U.S. Senate, casting himself as the heir to Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. ‘I’m running because I want to work for you, to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem,’ Lopez-Cantera said Wednesday in a YouTube video released in advance of a scheduled announcement speech at 1:30 p.m. in the Miami-Dade suburb of Doral.

    And don’t forget to Take Five - Pick the five Republican-held Senate seats you think are the most vulnerable to a Democratic takeover in 2016 and send them toFOXNEWSFIRST@FOXNEWS.COM – we’ll tally the votes and report back to you this Thursday and every week thereafter. Please send along any analysis you’ve and we will share the best bits with the whole class.

    Charles Hurt puts Atticus Finch in perspective: “Perhaps the Atticus Finch of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ is the very same racist who later emerges in ‘Go Set A Watchman.’ The Atticus of Mockingbird does not really care for black people. He is not some kind of activist. He is no part of any movement. This Atticus Finch, the one we have loved for so long, is nothing more than a slave to the law. He loves only justice. And when he saw a man who was wrongly accused, he didn’t see a black man or a white girl. He simply saw a miscarriage of justice and fought to right it.”

    CBC: “Excusez-moi? Many Fredericton drivers can be excused if they are getting lost in translation thanks to some road construction signs popping up across the city. New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province, so it’s not unusual to see road signs in both French and English. But sometimes signs translated directly from English to French can cause unintended — and humorous —problems. That’s what is happening in Fredericton, where signs warning of raised manholes are causing some confusion among drivers. The yellow warning sign reads: ‘Caution: Raised manholes/Attention: Trous d’homme sur éléves.’ The direct translation suggests that ‘men’s holes are over-elevated.”

    “Even worse is the final capitulation, which was a giving in to a lifting of the embargo on ballistic missiles and conventional arms. We just heard Kerry say why didn’t you negotiate for U.S. hostages held there and he says it’s not a nuclear thing. Well, conventional is the opposite of nuclear that was not to be discussed at all, it was thrown in by the Iranians and the Russians at the last moment and we caved on that.” – Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier” Watch here.

    Chris Stirewalt is digital politics editor for Fox News. Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.

    Chris Stirewalt joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in July of 2010 and serves as digital politics editor based in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he authors the daily "Fox News First” political news note and hosts “Power Play,” a feature video series, on Stirewalt makes frequent appearances on the network, including "The Kelly File," "Special Report with Bret Baier," and "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.” He also provides expert political analysis for Fox News coverage of state, congressional and presidential elections.

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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    With so many in the race, any repub. candidate vs. Hilary poll is meaningless. Wee have no way of knowing even who the top 5 candidates will be combined from both parties. Even Sanders is making Hilary seem vulnerable. Wasted ink to pump some writers ego!

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