By Ariel Cohen • 2/25/16 3:01 PM

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has surpassed Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin as Donald Trump continues to lead Republicans in the state, a new poll found.

According to the Marquette University Law School poll released on Thursday Sanders now leads Clinton 44-43, whereas she led him 50-41 just three months ago.

Although Sanders is doing well in the state, 60 percent of voters still believe that Clinton will be the eventual nominee, whereas 33 percent think Sanders will clinch the nomination. The Wisconsin primary isn't until April 5.

On the GOP side, Trump maintains strong lead over his opponents at 30 percent, followed by Marco Rubio at 20 percent, Ted Cruz at 19 percept, and John Kasich and Ben Carson each at 8 percent. When asked who they thought was the most likely to win their party's nomination, 46 percent said Trump, 25 percent said Cruz and 11 percent said Rubio.

When matchup head-to-head in hypothetical general election polling, Sanders leads Trump 54-34 percent and Clinton leads Trump 47-37 percent.

In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Russ Feingold leads Republican candidate Ron Johnson 49-37 percent. These results are practically the identical to November polling which showed Johnson leading 49-38 percent.

The latest round of polling was conducted from Feb. 18-21 by phone among 802 registered Wisconsin voters with a margin or error of 4.5 percent.