Powerful GOP Video: These Families Were Violently Impacted By Illegal Immigration

Tuesday January 8 2019

President Trump is addressing the nation Tuesday night to discuss the shutdown and illegal immigration (see Officer Ronil Singh, a Legal Immigrant, was Killed by an Illegal Immigrant and Illegal Immigrant Released by Sanctuary City Goes on Shooting Spree). This is the president’s chance to make the case for his wall to the American people.

The GOP released this video ahead of his address. Focusing on families who have had their lives impacted by illegals. In most cases, violently.

Youtube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_VyxMj8hHI

Yes, you and I know how serious a problem illegal immigration is. Donald Trump needs to make the case to the many voters who checked the D candidate in the midterm election this past November. Trump needs to explain why exactly Democrats are keeping the government shut down, and that the Democrats are working against the safety and interests of all Americans.
There’s also a rumor Trump may declare “a national emergency” so the military will start building the wall whether the government reopens or not. Before you start pumping your MAGA hats, imagine President Beto declaring a “national emergency” over climate change. Using it to ban cars. Or meat. Or having more than two children. “Hey, we’re like in a national emergency or something.” Trump needs to think long and hard if this is a precedent we really want to set.

This is a YUGE moment in the Trump Presidency. One that will define the next two years. Let’s see what version Trump shows up tonight.