(The Vivek Wadhwa mentioned in the following article is a college professor from India who has been caught fabricating items in his faculty bio. He often travels the country speaking to groups of Indian students about the necessity of flooding the American job market with workers from India, a practice that has already thrown hundreds of thousands of American workers out of their jobs. Whenever Americans ask honest questions about his fraudulent bio and anti-American rantings he calls them "xenophobes" and "racists". The possibility has also been mentioned that he has already worked with pro-India nationalists to advise President Obama to keep the flood of workers coming from in India so that even more Americans will lose their jobs. Not surpisingly, Wadhwa seems to encourage the widespread practice of using fake resumes in order for guestworkers to qualify for jobs being held by employed Americans targetted for replacement by the vile H-1B visa program. The program is very popular with TARP bailed-out banks who continue to replace Americans with Indians and outsource work to India using funds that could have gone to hiring and retaining Americans. If you wonder why the economy is so bad, you have no need to look further than the fraudulent musings posted by Vivek Wadhwa, the self-styled "globalist" who wants to see all Americans lose their jobs and handed to Indians on an undeserved silver platter...)

Readers Speak Back on H-1B Abuse

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You fail to understand the American psychology and look to black-and-white explanations for the opposition to your ideas which claim that bringing in non-citizens to flood the labor pool is going to save our economy. Even if you had a good idea it wouldn’t get past the damage that the system of H1Bs/L1s etc. have created to our society. We aren’t stupid, we realize that the intent of bringing in non-citizen labor is to flood the labor pool which only serves to increase the value of old money and the executive class in the USA.

Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them a Xenophobe. Stop making this simple minded assertion. You simply aren’t considering the economic harm that the system of H1Bs/L1s etc. have been doing to the USA. I see qualified American workers who cannot find a job in this economy, who would easily fill the shoes of an H1B. I see a lowering of wages in high-tech, and high unemployment in high-tech, something that didn’t happen even in the really bad recession of 1982. What’s different this time? In 1982 there weren’t so many guest workers. Look at the data, and if you find something different, let us know.

Until then support your fellow citizens by asking the President and Congress to send guest workers home until high-tech unemployment comes down to more historical norms. Until there really is a shortage of labor which must be addressed by bringing in guest workers.

Even Peter Drucker, a recognized expert at management, realized that CEOs were getting too greedy and taking in compensation which is 100 or more times greater than their lowest paid employee. Flooding the labor pool with more labor than is needed is supporting that sick system. Do us all a favor and stop supporting it yourself.

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frank - December 7th, 2009 at 7:38 pm PST

I’m an American citizen and a very good engineer. I’ve never had a problem finding a job.

The company I work for, and companies I’ve previously worked for, routinely hire college co-ops and Indians (mostly) on visas because they’re cheap compared to paying the wage of an American engineer. The Indians themselves have told me they feel it’s indentured survitude.

And though I’ve found Indians to be very pleasant people personally, their skills are subpar. They lack resourcefulness, are sloppy coders and lack the ability to think for themselves. That’s why US companies outsource the routine work to India. Even then, the work done is subpar and American companies are now bringing the work back onshore. I know I’m painting with a rather broad brush and that there are talented Indian engineers, but my years of experience tell me the vast majority are not.

This article has sparked such angry comments because we American citizens are frankly sick and tired of the world’s dirt bags coming here and telling US that OUR country sucks and that there’s a problem with US.

Listen up: if you’re not an American citizen and you don’t like it here, then shut up and go back to your home country. Or become a citizen through the LEGAL process, then work to make it better.

Unless you’re a citizen, you’re a GUEST here.
A disrespectful guest doesn’t last very long in my house.


Maria Maine - December 6th, 2009 at 8:39 am PST

You know that these corp visa programs block our chance to compete for job openings in our own country and exploit foreign workers.

Indian bodyshops routinely intimidate visa workers who use the web to warn others of exploitation and bondage contracts they are forced to sign.

Now the same body shop has attempted to use the same tactic against an American tech worker website for re-posting this warning from and Indian IT visa worker:

Fraud,cheating,lies and legal agreement @ Apex Technology Group Inc http://www.apextgi.com This information is being mailed to you as a reply to your post regarding fraud @ Apex Technology Group Inc (http://www.apextgi.com/).

Please find the employment agreement letter http://www.docs...02214/agreement, which I received after I started working for Apex at a client location. None of the terms were part of the initial agreement between me and Apex Technology Group Inc.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to highlight several aspect’’s of the 9 page legal agreement which might be important for you. For example: 30 day termination notice or forget your last paycheck when you quit.

If you join a company (including any level between you and Apex) then pay $35,000 or face a law suit, $9,000 for legal,training and guest services when you quit. $35,000 if you quit in between a contract…etc. [This is extortion and is against American law.]

The legalities of the agreement are convoluted,complex and can/will be used against you if you displease Apex technology Group Inc. So once you sign that document you are at the mercy of the employer and much worse than a bonded labour in India.

Apart from above, employees don