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Thread: Report: 50 House Republicans Tell Trump to Fire IRS Chief

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    Report: 50 House Republicans Tell Trump to Fire IRS Chief

    Report: 50 House Republicans Tell Trump To Fire IRS Chief!

    Cristina Laila Jan 27th, 2017

    The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

    Now this…

    IRS Chief, John Koskinen is on the chopping block according to reports.

    Via Washington Examiner:

    Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., will make the ask. The chairman of the Republican Study Committee has quietly but urgently been circulating a letter inside the GOP conference to build support. He’s now got 50 congressmen signed onto the letter.

    While Trump has fleshed out his cabinet, so far, he’s stayed hush about the fate of the IRS chief. And conservatives really want Koskinen’s head. “You have the authority to remove Commissioner Koskinen,” Walker writes to Trump, adding that “we encourage you to dismiss him in the most expedient manner practicable.”

    Walker’s letter reintroduces that issue in the new 115th Congress, slamming the IRS for “improperly targeting conservative groups” and failing to “demonstrate that officials have definitively ceased targeting conservative groups.” And he’s building on last year’s failed impeachment effort launched by the House Freedom Caucus….

    ….A month into 2017 and Republicans haven’t repealed Obamacare and Koskinen still has his job. Walker’s RSC is trying to convince Trump to change that. If he fails though, then Koskinen could stay at the IRS until Nov. 12, 2017.
    It is no secret that the IRS was used as a weapon to target Conservative groups under the Obama Administration. Everybody involved must be investigated and held accountable. The IRS even gave preferential treatment to Malik Obama who is linked to terrorist organization, Hamas which Gateway Pundit reported on here.

    Donald Trump must get rid of everyone in the IRS who plays partisan politics. Our laws must be consistently enforced no matter the political affiliation.

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    Yes, get rid of him. In fact, get rid of the whole IRS. It's a ridiculous expenseof $14 billion in annual appropriations every year for a largely unconstitutional activity. Pass the FairTax and end this plundering of our liberty and money7 by government. How can any Republican not be demanding an end to the income tax?? How can any "conservative" who wails night and day about "freedom" and "liberty" not be demanding a repeal of the income tax and replacing it with a national retail sales tax on new goods and services like the FairTax??

    Who are you people and where did you come from??!!!

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    Yes...this guy admitted to knowingly processing tax refunds to illegal aliens and said he did not care and is not in the illegal alien enforcement business, it was not his job.

    Walk him out right now...audit the IRS and stop every tax refund to illegal aliens. Billions in fraud!
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    Walk all 100,000 IRS employees right on out and pass the FairTax. A simple sales tax collected by retailers as they collect state sales taxes. Voluntary purchases, freedom restored, liberty reinstated, common sense prevailing, privacy protected, no tax returns, no deadlines, no paperwork, no problems. Plus the FairTax taxes imports at the same rates as domestic products, which helps balance our trade deficits, it disallows illegal aliens to collect the Rebate that citizens and legal immigrants can sign up for it they want, which puts an end to illegal aliens undercutting our workers. It shuts down most of these phony "charity" frauds. It does so much good and I can so far find no bad.

    Just pass it and let the good times roll!!

    HR 25 in the US House of Representatives and S 155 in the US Senate last session. This session will have new bills, House number will remain the same, but Senate number may change. Kevin Brady, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has been a FairTax co-sponsor for many years. Now is the year to make it happen.

    JUST DO IT! You'll never regret it, you'll be asking yourselves, "oh my God, why didn't we do this earlier?"
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