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    Republicans are barely better than the Dems on illegals.

    As an Independent with contempt for both political parties, I see a lot of anti-Democratic remarks here. That's fine; no DEMOCRAT has the balls to oppose the politically-correct party line, even though a few of them know the illegals are destroying our economy, our school budgets, our neighborhoods, our security. There are certainly more Republicans on the right side of this issue, but every single Republican and every single businessman I talk to here on LI is on the wrong side, too. They say the illegals are helping the economy. The illegals are helping the REPUBLICAN business-owners' and contractors' own personal economies while the rest of us middle class taxpayers subsidize the REPUBLICAN business-owners' labor force. The REPUBLICAN and Chamber of Commerce agenda is to depress wages in the US, and that is why the REPUBLICAN organization Chamber of Commerce is fully behind amnesty. As long as both political parties are determined to exploit the influx of illegals for their own political purposes, the border will remain open.

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    Reagan made sure that the Republican party should never be trusted on immigration issues in 1986. Thus, for 28 years I've never trusted a republican! At my age I doubt that the party will change adequately for me to ever trust them again! Time is proving that my mistrust has beeen justified

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    Look, we already know our efforts will not turn any Dems, that's why it's important to keep pressure on the Republicans. Since 2007 there have been three serious amnesty attempts and each time the Republicans have been our saving grace. Whether we like it or not, we're smart enough to know that this is a two-party country (Dems & Reps). We also know we'll never turn the Dems so we must continue to work on the Republicans. Our best bet, IMHO, is to continue pressuring the Reps and do what we can to rid the party of RINO amnesty supporters!

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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