Republicans have a brand-new reason to impeach DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas

07/17/2023 // JD Heyes // Views

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There are so many reasons why Republicans ought to have already begun impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and now they have another one.
During his appearance on "The Today Show" on May 12, Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas encountered a less-than-welcoming reception. Anchor Savannah Guthrie confronted him regarding the escalating number of border crossings and the ongoing state of chaos. In his typical fashion, Mayorkas attributed the situation to Congress, placing the blame on lawmakers, Frontpage Magazine reported.
Following that, Guthrie inquired about the release of migrants into the country without assigned court dates and the lack of means to track them. She specifically mentioned a Florida Judge who swiftly blocked the plan. Mayorkas responded by criticizing the judge's action, deeming it detrimental. However, since then, 23 additional states have joined Florida in opposing the plan, and an appeals court has recently upheld Florida's decision, the outlet noted further.
Guthrie went on to ask if President Joe Biden bore any responsibility when he, during a Democratic debate in 2019, said: “We’re a nation that says if you want to flee and you’re facing oppression, you should come.” Mayorkas, of course, blamed the smugglers and, once again, the Congress.
The outlet noted further:
As the number of migrants continue to surge across the border, there has been a continuing effort to impeach Mayorkas. The House Homeland Security Committee has begun hearings on Mayorkas that might lead to impeachment. At the first hearing, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said that Mayorkas’ agenda was to “find new ways to let more migrants into the U.S.,” and Former Acting Homeland Director Chad Wolf added that “it was by design.”

Throughout his career, Alejandro Mayorkas has faced significant allegations of scandal and corruption. In 2015, during his tenure as the Deputy Director of Homeland Security, an investigation conducted by the Homeland Security Inspector General revealed instances of "favoritism and special access."
These actions took place when Mayorkas held the position of Director of Citizenship and Immigration from 2009 to 2013. The investigation indicated that certain individuals, including then-Nevada Senator Harry Reid, then-Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe, and Tony Rodham, the brother of Hillary Clinton, were among those who received preferential treatment in visa and green card matters, Frontpage Magazine noted.
Furthermore, the situation regarding Mayorkas' conduct became even more troubling as fifteen whistleblowers came forward, alleging that his lax standards resulted in individuals involved in fraud and money laundering being granted visas.
A comprehensive 99-page report delivered a scathing critique of Mayorkas, highlighting that his actions had generated "deep resentment" among the department's staff. The report further outlined that employees felt "uncomfortable and pressured" to comply with his directives, the report continued.
"Mayorkas had been avoiding the press after the report’s release in 2015, and when approached by ABC News, hid behind security and fled. The devastating report from the IG should have ended Mayorkas’ career," said that outlet.
However, six years later, prior to his inauguration in January 2021, President-elect Biden made the nominations of Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Services and Alejandro Mayorkas for Homeland Security, despite their troubling pasts. Both nominees were involved in facilitating the release of a significant cocaine trafficker from prison, which raises serious concerns about their qualifications to serve in any public capacity again, Frontpage Magazine noted.
"For Mayorkas, being slammed by the Inspector General in 2015 for inappropriate behavior in dispensing visas and green cards should have sent him into permanent exile," the report said.
But of course, it didn't: Whereas President Trump went through Cabinet members fairly quickly, Joe Biden's has remained intact, indicating again what a criminal cartel the Democratic Party really is.
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Republicans have a brand-new reason to impeach DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas –