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    Request From Ron Paul To His Supporters

    In a recent interview with Alex Jones, Ron Paul was asked what his supporters could do to help with his campaign. He's being ignored by the major cable news shows except CNN (which had to recently reschedule him for next week) His name has also been taken off some polls, and the ones where he's winning, they claim that his people are cheating!

    Anyway, he needs people to write and call Fox News and MSNBC to have him on. He specifically mentioned he wants to be invited onto the Chris Matthews show.

    Also, he needs more funds. He's raised about $500,000 so far. You can go to or call 1-800-Ron-Paul.

    Here's some other info:

    Complete contact information:


    MSNBC Blogs:

    Chris Matthews:




    Help Ron Paul get the message out. Vote for him in every online poll there is. Go to the following link for a list of polls that include Ron Paul.
    Vote for Ron Paul in all of them!!!

    At the bottom there is a list of polls that exclude Ron Paul, tell them you want Ron Paul added to the list of candidates!!! DEMAND IT!!! ... itle=Polls

    Also, stop by and and excoriate them for excluding Dr. Paul from their polls. We Can Do This!!!!

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    I sent emails to all of the links.

    BUT I asked them to give more time to Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo. Since I would really like more time to hear from all of them.

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