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Thread: response to email from Rand Paul, RE: STEM bill

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    response to email from Rand Paul, RE: STEM bill

    Dear Mr. Paul,

    In answer to your recent email regarding the STEM bill and any other NEW reform (amnesty) proposals.

    We do not need another useless bill or law to fix illegal immigration. Americans are so sick and tired of you not listening to us. One word, ENFORCEMENT! Now, how hard is that for you and your political buddies to understand? We have immigration laws, you and all the other politicians in this country have chosen to ignore them in the pursuit of votes. It IS simple, they broke the law they get sent home. It should not matter how long they evade the law nor should it matter that they decided to start a family while they were breaking our laws. ANY person or company executive found hiring illegals should be fined and imprisoned. No public benefits of any kind including medical care, unless in an extreme emergency, the sniffles and pregnancy are not an emergencies. No free education, including public school and higher education. Parents need to show proof of LEGAL residency for their children to attend public schools.

    How will STEM help AMERICAN workers? You offer immigrants financial help to pay for their higher education and then make sure they get the jobs they want. While American citizens pay their own way and then can't find a job. Why is our government so hell bent on bending over backwards to help immigrants, both legal and illegal and do nothing for the citizens of this country, whom you are supposed to represent. You and your counterparts in Washington very simply do not have a clue as to the reality of legal and illegal immigration on American citizens and your ignoring existing laws and pandering for Latino votes has led to the current immigration nightmare. We were lied to in 1986 and we are being lied to now. Every branch of our current government is the biggest entitlement nightmare this country has ever experienced. You have all forgotten that you work FOR us we do not work for YOU. You are all so puffed up with "Look at me I'm Senator so and so or I am Congressman so and so and I am important, you little people are not, run along now we know best."
    Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Paul, it's time to get out of your fancy offices and get a clue as to how middle class Americans are suffering for all your bumbling and elitist nonsense.

    B***** B******
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    Great letter!!

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    The GOP working hard to build a third party: Those in DC, New York and other metropolitan areas live in a bubble totally unaware of the world we live in, while we see our country deteriorating they believe adding more poor and uneducated will some how work miracles.

    As I grow older I find myself amazed that so many in congress who are wealthy and old refuse to stand up for the Constitution and the American people. They have everything they need yet there such cowards to speak out,what a shame how do you all look your families and the world in the face daily and continue to lie.

    Our founding fathers would be so ashamed of you all as I am.
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    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    Bravo trip20! What a great letter.

    How long do the politicians expect us to remain civil when they keep trying to shove amnesty down our throat? Now the have a new slogan to promote amnesty, "We already have a de facto amnesty." Yah and why is that? because the government of the United States will not enforce its own laws. We hear an endless stream of fait accompli excuses to justify amnesty and pretend that illegal immigration is "a complicated issue." No it isn't

    Money was appropriated years ago to build a border fence and still the fence is not built.

    I have been a conservative for a very, very long time. I am fed up with the supposed "conservatives" who are so enamored with Rubio.

    The push for amnesty will tear appart the Republican Party and those "conservatives" who insist on pushing Rubio on the rest of us had better back off or they will tear apart the conservative movement as well, and then it will really be over, permanently, irreversibly. We will never accept any politician who wants amnesty, never, never, never, never!

    All of us must throw down the gauntlet: no legal status of any kind. Illegal foreigners do not get to stay here; they must leave the country; the border must be secured; the hiring of illegals must be stopped. No excuses, no debate, no "compromises."

    Come on people fight back! Get on the telephone and write letters, call all the Republican politicians, State and Federal, the GOP state committees, couinty GOP (I think calling the Democrats is a waste of time that could be better used elsewhere). College Young Republicans, GOP governors, etc.

    And send some money to groups like ALIPAC. Groups fighting amnesty should not have to crawl along on a tiny budget.

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    Very good points. Thank you.
    Jeremiah 29:11 - It is written, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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