Ret. Maj. General’s Plea To Wisconsin Voters: Support Paul Nehlen, Send Paul Ryan Home

AP Photo/Scott Bauer

8 Aug 2016

As a retired veteran and leader who has borne the responsibility of implementing our nation’s military policies and actions, I am acutely aware of the many ways that both the Executive and Legislative branches’ failures of leadership have weakened America.

The executive and legislative branches have failed as well as in the making and passing of sound foreign policy for our nation. There can be no question that these failures adversely impact the solemn responsibility we take on to protect and preserve our county. These failures of action and inaction can, and have, lead to unnecessary national security risks.

It is my belief that the power of our representative republic rests only, and securely, on a foundation of free speech. To achieve consensus, leaders must travel through a path of reasoned debate. Without this process we cannot, we will not, arrive at policy that is both meaningful and effective.

One of the biggest threats to our nation’s security has been a continuing failure to protect our borders. We have a life-long history of growth and development achieved by embracing people from all nations who desire to join our community of citizens and bring their passions and skills to bear for the betterment of the United States of America. However, we have failed to develop and implement policies that ensure that these individuals travel a path that is reasoned and logical, as well as one that evidences their explicit desire to uphold and protect this country with their lives, if need be.

Law? To arrive in America is to land in the land of law. To arrive here by breaking our laws is to betray the promise of America itself.

It is time for this nation’s leadership to display a clarity of thought that enables them to clearly articulate any existential threat to the security of the United States. To establish a path of entry that fundamentally breaks our laws of immigration is to deny the validity of law itself.

This clarity will only come as the product of honest dialogue that is open and forthright, and is absent meaningless dogma on all sides. Without this type of debate no policy that results will do anything to provide the citizens of this country with the peace of mind they desire.

It is my firm belief that a leader whose actions adversely impact the welfare, lives, and “pursuit of happiness” of the citizens of the United States and their families should be held accountable for his failures of leadership. This failure would include, but not be limited to, a failure to ensure secure borders and the development and implementation of sound immigration policies that would not unduly burden sincere immigrants, but would guarantee that any threat, no matter how serious, would be caught and dealt with before it entered our society.

Noting all this, we must now address the political reality of today. It is my belief that Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who sits second-in-line to the office of the President, has failed in his obligation as an elected representative of the people to support sound border security and has failed to hold other leaders in Washington, all the way to the Oval Office, responsible for developing, passing, and implementing sound immigration policy.

These failures, which have encouraged aggression among our enemies and put United States military personnel at danger around the globe, demand a response from the people.

Failure of leadership always requires those who have placed their lot in the hands of the elected to meet that failure with decisive action. It is incumbent upon each voter, and all voters in sum, to ensure the “good behavior” of those whom they elect…and re-elect.

The upcoming primary, 9 August, in the State of Wisconsin, provides just the opportunity for “We the People” to take up that responsibility and work to bring an end to the failure of leadership in Washington, D.C.

Because I love this nation, and as a matter of conscience, I unequivocally oppose the re-election of United States House of Representatives Speaker and representative of the First Congressional District of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, and place all my support behind his opponent, Paul Nehlen.

Nehlen would be a strong advocate for and representative of the people in Wisconsin’s First District. He would fight to ensure the safety and security of our nation by advocating for sound border security, strong immigration policy, reasoned economic policies, as well as those issues the ensure the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

If we are to have the security we seek, we must actively hold leadership responsible for its action and inaction.