Rise up against Obamacare

Exclusive: Joseph Farah says he's ashamed more Americans aren't 'storming the barricades'

Published: 5 hours ago
Joseph Farah

It’s amazing to me that Americans are not up in arms.

Barack Obama is abusing and exceeding his constitutional authority – not to mention violating the rights of every American – on a daily basis. Make that hourly.

  • Using money he doesn’t have to close national open-air monuments and parks to inflict pain and inconvenience on the Americans who paid for them because of the government shutdown he engineered – driving veterans to resort to civil disobedience.
  • Threatening Catholic priests with arrest for saying Mass at military bases – even as volunteers – even though the military is not affected by the shutdown.
  • Authorities used “Gestapo tactics” on senior citizens visiting Yellowstone National Park, locking them inside their hotel under “armed guard,” according to a guide.
  • A marathoner was ticketed for running in Valley Forge National Historical Park.
  • A dog therapy program, which arranges for dogs to visit patients in hospitals, including children with cancer, was suspended by the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health.
  • The government withheld a $100,000 payment to the families of five soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

I could go on and on. So could other Americans. In fact, this is what we are all discussing at the water cooler these days.
But why isn’t there more outrage? Why are veterans and motorcyclists and truckers the only Americans going to Washington and storming the barricades?
Have Americans lost their nerve? Have we become a bunch of sheep who will take government abuse lying down? Do we not remember and honor the sacrifices our forefathers made to protect our liberties. Are we unwilling to lift a finger or risk anything to protect the liberties of our children?
To paraphrase Michelle Obama, for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to be an American.
To make matters worse, if we do nothing now, this is just the beginning.
A government that will deprive Americans of their right to worship freely on a military base cannot be trusted to be the primary provider of life-saving medical care.
A government that will provoke World War II veterans to civil disobedience at a war memorial cannot be trusted to be the primary provider of life-saving medical care.
A government that employs “Gestapo tactics” on senior citizens visiting a national park cannot be trusted to be the primary provider of life-saving medical care.
That’s largely what the shutdown and the deadlock over the debt limit are all about – Obamacare. There’s one thing Barack Obama and Senate Democrats won’t tolerate – any reversal on their tenuous grip on government’s reach for a monopoly on health care.
Do Americans not realize why this is so important? Surely they recognize by now that it is not about saving money. It’s not about getting more people covered by insurance. Surely it’s not about convenience.
Rather, it’s about control – total control over the populace.
Obamacare is, quite possibly, the last meaningful fight we have as a nation if we are going to preserve any vestige of constitutionally limited government of the people, by the people and for the people. If you care about the rule of law, this is one law that must be killed with a silver bullet to make sure it never rears its ugly head again in our once-free society.
Obamacare is not just about health care – or even denying it for the purpose of control of the population. It’s about surveillance of the people. It’s about government getting its hands on the most personal details of your life.
That’s why we learned this week that the failing website, the showcase of Obamacare, isn’t the $750 million boondoggle we all joked about days ago. In fact, it is likely that it was designed to fail so that more information could be collected on individual Americans before they ever get to see what their premiums would be.
Is that a shocker? It’s not me reporting it. It’s Forbes magazine.
Obamacare officials were so worried about the reaction should Americans actually see what their health coverage will cost under the president’s signature law that they chose to set up a system that clogs up and crashes while an applicant’s eligibility for a subsidy is evaluated.
What can you do about all this?
Do you feel helpless?
Are you willing to take a stand?
Tell Congress not to cave in to the enormous media and political insider pressure on them. And get ready to come to Washington if all else fails.