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    Quote Originally Posted by Saki
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolly3275
    At first, I was not going to vote. Now, I have decided that I am going to write in Romney's name.

    I might be wrong, but it seems unlikely that Romney will jump back into the race. I fully expect Huckabee to drop out within a week or two, but from what I've been hearing it sounds like Romney is looking ahead and trying to figure out what his role will be in the Republican party. William Bennett said on CNN yesterday that he thinks Romney will stay in politics, and even mentioned he would make a very fine chairman of the Republican National Committee down the road. I think he has a bright future in politics, and that we'll be seeing him play a prominent role in some capacity. Take heart.
    I know that it is unlikely, I was just doing some wishful thinking. Even if he would jump back in----he would NEVER win enough delegates at this point. Rove did the breakdown for the Republicans as well----using Huckabee because Romney had already dropped out by that point----and Huckabee would have to win at "least" 80% of the upcoming states/delegates, and it is NOT going to happen. And, it would not have happened for Romney after Tuesday as well.

    I wish that Romney would run for Senator somewhere----NOW!!!

    Our country and all hopes might be gone by 2012!!

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    Just a thank you to everyone that did support Romney

    We gave it our best shot

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    I think Duncan's term as RNC chairman expires next year, so maybe Romney will try for that. It seems like a role ideally suited for him, given his intelligence and organizational ability, and he would be an influential voice for the party.

    Romney ran against Kennedy for a Senate seat in MA in 1994 and, not surprisingly, lost. That bugger is entrenched for life, I guess.

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    Let's face the facts: this is likely to be a Dem year anyway.

    Obama raised $7 million in two days this week, while conservative activists are booing the presumptive Republican nominee McCain.

    About twice as many liberals and Dems have voted than Republicans so far in the primaries.

    People are tired of 8 years of an unpopular Republican president. The Dems have the "change" argument big time.

    The Dems will likely expand their majorities in the House and Senate.

    Bottom line: We have to work on conservative, pro-enforcement politicians both nationally and in the states -- to stop the liberal agenda including amnesty.

    As Rush says, we have to limit the damage over the next four years, work on the House & Senate & state legislators. Vote for them, even if you don't vote for president.
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