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    Quote Originally Posted by anniealone
    Quote Originally Posted by nittygritty
    the illegal aliens who testified against him were giving green cards, social security cards they bought a law suit and were granted 80 thousand dollars!

    Wish I had heard it. I used to listen to Rush faithfully, but haven't at all in a couple months. Doesn't he usually have the transcripts on his website. I will check then you don't have to remember Nitty.
    Yes he does have the transcripts of his previous shows. If your a member, you can even get the audio version.
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    Sounds like we're living in Mexico. Looks as if our politicans and justice department is as corrupt as Mexicos. In Mexico, the Mexicans word is always taken over any gringo and now we see the same thing happening here. But it's more profitable for Mexicans to be false witnesses here. In Mexico it's a sport and they get a pat on the back, here they get legalship and money as a reward for lying and helping imprison the innocent.

    I read somewhere that the police officers Texas imported from Mexico takes bribes from those they stop, just like they did in Mexico.
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    I will have to become a member then!
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