SC Conservatives Hold Lindsey Graham 'Cardboard Cutout' Town Hall

by DEBRA HEINE 28 Aug 2013

Last week, a group of concerned SC Republicans, hoping to hold a town hall with Senator Lindsey Graham before the August recess was over, put his face on the milk carton in an effort to discover his whereabouts.

Last night, Freedomworks hosted a “Cardboard Cutout” Constituent Town hall without Senator Lindsey Graham in North Charleston, SC. The Senator was invited to participate in the town hall but did not accept the invitation, so conservatives in North Charleston held one with a cardboard cutout in his place.

WHY: South Carolina conservatives want to have an open and honest policy conversation about defunding ObamaCare through the continuing resolution, as proposed by Senator Mike Lee’s letter. Senator Lindsey Graham will not sign the Lee letter, choosing the side of Senator Harry Reid over limited government and individual freedom. South Carolinians want the Senator to explain his decision face to face with his own constituents- to paraphrase the Senator himself, “If he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear.”