Senate Immigration Reform Bill to Add 1,000,000 Immigrant Workers to American Work Force Every Year

Posted on April 6, 2013 by Dave Jolly Filed under Business, Economics, Immigration, Jobs, Low Information Voters, Politics

Whenever a political party tries to rush a massive piece of legislation through Congress without holding any public hearings in committee, it raises red flags for everyone else. Currently, the Senate Democrats and a few liberal Republicans are doing their best to rush their immigration reform bill through without any public committee hearings.

A few Republican senators including Marco Rubio, the son of immigrant parents, are saying not so fast. Something this important needs to be looked at carefully and that takes time and public committee hearings.

Remember Obamacare and how they rushed that through and now we are learning about all of the various new taxes, increased bureaucracy and less health coverage for more money? Perhaps one reason the Dems are pushing so hard to get this through is what the bill contains in it.

According to new reports and government figures, the senate version of the immigration reform bill would allow for the influx of 1 million immigrant workers per year. Jobs are already hard enough to find for many Americans and it is estimated that about 1.8 million Americans graduate from college each year and will be looking for work and will have to compete with foreign workers for the few jobs there are.

Many say that all of the immigrant jobs will be farm labor, construction and other menial jobs, but the same report indicates that 350,000 or more of the immigrants will be qualified and competing for higher paying middle class type jobs. When all is said and done, the report indicates that there will be one foreign/immigrant worker seeking a job to every 4 Americans looking for work.

Why would Democrats be pushing for such an influx of immigrant workers? By pumping 1 million more workers into a troubled work force, it will ultimately result in higher unemployment rates. It will also result in lower overall wages and force more people to seek government subsidies to survive.

Traditionally, the people in these groups tend to vote Democrat at election time, so the way they see the immigration reform is that it will add close to 1 million new Democratic voters every year.

Sadly, some Republican senators like John McCain and Jeff Flake, both from Arizona where immigration is a huge key issue, support the senate bill as it stands. In fact, I’m shocked and disappointed to see them support this type of legislation.

Therefore, if you don’t want to have millions of immigrant workers taking jobs away from Americans in the years to come, contact your senators and representatives and demand that they vote no on this proposed immigration reform. Tell them to keep American jobs for American citizens and not the other way around.

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