Senator Rand Paul: Why are we bringing so many Iraqis to the US?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 20, 2013

From the editor: for all those arriving here, be sure to see Senator Grassley amendment to S. 744 here.

Didn’t we give Iraq a democratically elected government Paul went on to say! Yup!

Maybe Rand Paul needs to ask his pal Grover Norquist those questions.***

Below is a story I missed last month (again in the wake of the Boston Chechen refugee terrorist act).

And, if Paul keeps this up I will have to withdraw my criticism of him here when he was kissing-up to the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill.

Tell Senator Paul to keep his distance from Open Borders Muslim sympathizer Grover Norquist. AP Photo

The snarky HuffPo article does mention that two Iraqi refugee terrorists were convicted in Kentucky, but there is another problem with importing the high number of Iraqis. Iraqis are not finding work (unemployment rate is 67%) and they are heavily supported by welfare (95% are receiving food stamps). Some are so unhappy that they have returned to the Middle East.

The HuffPo reports the number of Iraqi refugees entering the US through 2012 (64,174), but so far in FY2013 we have already imported 11,066 which means we will top 20,000 this year alone! Some may be Christians but a large percentage will be Muslims!

The Huffington Post back in April:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) expressed concern Tuesday morning about Iraqi refugees who might be coming to the United States to commit acts of terrorism.
Speaking about immigration on “The Dennis Miller Show,” Paul said that the United States needs to reexamine its asylum-granting policies and specifically mentioned the number of refugees fleeing Iraq, a country still dealing with intense violence years after the U.S. invasion in 2003.
“We’ve exempted [Paul must mean 'resettled'---ed] 60,000 Iraqis in the last three years. My question is, for one, are any of them intending to do us harm? And two, we won the war in Iraq — why would they be running from a democratic government?” Rand asked an agreeable Miller.
According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the United States has admitted 64,174 Iraqi refugees since 2007…
In 2011, Paul sounded off about background checks on Iraqis seeking refuge after two Iraqi refugees in Kentucky were charged with conspiring to send weapons and supplies to al Qaeda operatives in Iraq. The two men were successfully thwarted by an FBI sting operation. One was sentenced to serve a life term in federal prison; the other to a 40-year term.

***In 2007, long before the War in Iraq was over Grover Norquist and “conservative” buddy David Keene were pushing for the US to bring in Iraqis. They,along with Ted Kennedy, said we broke it (Iraq), so the only way to fix it is to “welcome” tens of thousands to the US.

Readers, thanks to the help of a reader from Kentucky, Robin, we have identified Rachel Bovard as the staff person in Senator Paul’s office who is working the immigration issue for the Senator. I dropped a letter off to her last Wednesday when I was in DC for the State Department hearings asking that the Senator investigate the Refugee Resettlement Program. Please contact her by phone or e-mail and encourage the Senator to keep asking questions and to oppose S.744 which will make it easier for more refugees and asylum seekers to come to America.

And, while you are at it, warn her about what Rep. Frank Wolf revealed about Grover Norquist on the House floor, here in October of 2011, Wolf: You can never say again that you didn’t know!
Send her the link to my post too!

Rachel Bovard, Policy Advisor to Senator Rand Paul, phone 202-224-4343 or e-mail:


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