Species Thought To Be Extinct Found In Connecticut: A Democrat Willing To Be Seen In Public With Obama…

And proving once again that Obama is cursed, he had to cancel the event because of the Ebola crisis.
Via AP:
Dannel Malloy is one rare Democrat

The Connecticut governor, like many other Democrats in this midterm election, is locked in a dead-heat re-election race. But Malloy is daring to do something few other vulnerable Democrats would do — campaign with President Barack Obama.

In his first major campaign event of the fall, Obama was to appear at a Malloy rally Wednesday evening in Bridgeport, Connecticut, aiming to mobilize core Democratic voters who remain loyal and enthusiastic supporters of the president.

]When it comes to finding useful places for Obama to stump with a candidate, the pickings are slim. Many of the most imperiled Democrats, particularly Senate incumbents, are running in typically Republican states where Obama is deeply unpopular. Few of those Democrats invoke the president’s name except to distance themselves from him.

So in a way, Wednesday’s rally is an opportunity for Obama to also demonstrate he remains politically relevant. The Connecticut governor’s race is perhaps the best place to start.